Truth cannot wait. It is oppertunistic, purposeful, intentional. It is life saving, error correcting, reproofing, rebuking, to bring awareness, to set apart the ungodly things from the godly things. And although many have exhausted themselves with lengthy peperation (s) for this holiday season, Christmas in particular, that does not make it right. Some try to get around this by renaming the occasion. Are they really serious? Let us take what is spiritually dead, demonic in nature, a celebration of Satan, enforced by the Roman Catholic church to demoralized the sanctity of Christ and some how that will make it right. ABSTINENCE IS THE ONLY RIGHT THING (the Holy Spirit confirms this).

As a child of God, born of Christ, it is difficult for me to stay silent when many are partaking in something they truly do not understand. And although they say, Ignorance is bliss. This appropriation is not fitting and has dire consequences and should not be taken lightly for those who claim to love Christ. And I am not saying that you don’t. But rather, I beg to ask the question: will you celebrate the devil? I am certain that everyone of you will say no, and gladly do so. But this is what you are doing by partaking in a festive occasion that originated out of darkness. If we are to celebrate anything, let us celebrate what is light. Let us celebrate the origins of light and the glory of God. We lift up Christ, the light of the world. And we should not associate him with anything of this nature. God will not be pleased with this tainted, despicable celebration. He will not be pleased with the celebration of other gods.

We must bring to light the things of God, the good things. And also the works of the devil, who by his character is to deceive the world into corruption. My God rebuke you Satan for twisting the hearts and minds of men into believing your lies. But who God has freed is forever. And his glory he will not share with anyone. Let the children of God see the things of God. Let the children of God stand up for Christ. Let the children of God depart from the deceptions of the devil. We remember the birth of Christ and celebrate the resurrection of our LORD and Savior who bleed on the Cross for the redemption of our sins, that we may live in the bosom of Abraham, by faith, because we believe Christ. Let us as righteous children of God depart from the ungodly things. Let us cling to the Spirit of truth and not be deceived by the spirit of errors. For all things associated with Christmas are not based on Christ but on Paganism.

Let us not indoctrinate our children with this fallacy, making it difficult for them to break away from these fictitious characters associated with this celebration. Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old he will not depart from it (Proverbs 22:6). Let us fight the lust of the world, the ways of the devil, the errors of a lying spirit, and men without godly purpose. Let us not be eagar to follow the tradition of errors, but be eagar to go to the word of God, that we may discern the corruption of the enemy, package in the name of Christmas.


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