For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth; for he is the messenger of the LORD of hosts (Malachi 2:7).

We are priests unto God (Revelation 1:16), righteous vessels of holiness, in Christ we glory. Yet shall we not proclaim liberty when liberty has prevailed? Shall we not declare what is right in the sight of God? What is evil we call good and what is good we call evil. Have we not considered these things? Shall the LORD rejoice because we have grown weak for the truth? Justice we have trampled beneath our feet. We have turned a blind eye to corruption. We have normalized it. What is crocked we say is straight. And what is straight we call crocked. We say the LORD will not see; he will not know. We turned our faces away from God seeking the worldly things. Yet we say, we shall find glory in them. We beseech vanity as though vanity will rise up in glory. But all that is vainly will fall into the dust. All that is vainly shall go down in the pit. All that is vainly shall be cloaked with shame.

We were burden with corruption, blinded in sin. Our sins have made us ashamed. But Christ has removed that shame. Shall we desire shame, a burden unto righteousness, a disgrace before God? Or shall we say, evil is evil and the deeds of corruption shall bring forth nothing good? The LORD will glory. But let glory rise up to the heaven. Let it rise up in the Highest. Turn away from your brother the afflictions of sorrows. Turn your sister to the road where truth shall bring her to the Cross of hope. Turn them away from the pestilence that lurks in the dark. Turn them away from desolation. Turn them away from damnation. Christ can bear the burden; let him have it. The job was done. The price was paid with the shedding of his blood. It is finish. Turn away the pain of everlasting contempt. Turn away souls from the desolation of tomorrow. Turn away the anger and the anguish from the bellies of the people. Turn them to the path of righteousness, saith the LORD. Turn them to my glory that they may find hope in what is good.


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