O glory, oh what a glory, that shall feast in the beauty of holiness. I come to you in the strength of the LORD; for my heart is with his joy. Yet I await the day when my joy shall be full, and my cup runneth over. I await the day when Zion shall have its glory.

While I slept my God watched over me. And I awake in the presence of my God. My God is a faithful God, whom I love. I will never understand the love of God. My God is always with me, no matter what. How can I not praise this God? I will seek my God, even in the shadow of darkness. Truly, I tell you, a God that saves also protects and comfort. For this, I shall exalt my God above all. My heart is content with the LORD, and my soul lingers for my God. I can’t seem to get enough of him. He is everything to me. Truly, I tell you, the God of Israel is my God. My eyes have been priviledge to see the beauty of holiness. The wonders of my God I delight. This God that loves, sheweth mercy, giveth grace, and comforts my soul in his bosom is truly my God. This God I honor and praise, from the depths of oceans to the heights of heaven. Yet, I say, when Zion rejoice I shall be glad. When the light of holiness is in the land of glory I shall rejoice. When I see beauty standing in the midst of the saints I shall rejoice. I shall be truly glad; for then my hope shall come a full.

The mighty hand of God is on me. And I will declare his truth. His truth, so wonderful, so vast, that all shall eat and be filled. There is life in this truth that the LORD has given to those who would humble themselves unto the LORD and partake of his goodness and feast in the glory of God. I have feast in the glory of God. My soul thirst for my God. My God must find happiness in what I do. I will not leave unless my God is please with me. It means everything to me. I will repent of my sins, no matter how wretched man I am. I will plead to my God in honesty. I will not hide my sins from my God. And the burdens that God bare, who can understand it. Why should I be joyful if my God is not? Why should I be pleased if my God is not? Am I not a lover of God, and my God a lover of me? When my God is pleased I will rejoice. My strength shall be renewed; for my heart shall be glad. Then I will call out my God, and I will say, O Father, O loving Father, be blessed in thy holiness, my God. Be joyful today my God; for my joy for you have risen on the wings of eagles. O LORD God, to whom I behold, let my blessings glorify thee O LORD. Remember thy servant, O God, to whom you shew mercy. Remember thy love, O God, and the desires of your heart. Remember the moments we shared my God.  O how beautiful, O how wonderful they were. That prosperity shall find its way, and the goodness of the LORD shall prevail. From thy seed of Isaac that prosper, thou have considered me. That I shall lift up heaven, and praise my God. I shall not withhold my tongue against evil, nor shall I go faint and weary against wickedness. My hand shall praise my God who have lifted me up from the depths of hell. Yea, my hand shall bring glory to the LORD on High. My hand shall lift up Christ who have lifted me up with glory. I shall declare a good thing in the name of the LORD my God. To the ends of the world, they shall know the name of my God. This God of Israel will be praised, even in the midst of the heathen.

Behold the hand of the Almighty is upon me. I am a servant of the living God of Israel, and today I make a request for my God that those who love the LORD shall abide. Today we shall elevate our God in all the land. The heavens shall awake to the glory from below, and they too shall glorify God. Today, I ask you to do something special for my God. Let it be unusual. Let it be unique, something you have never done before. Bring glory to the LORD, and the sweetness of your hearts. Let God rejoice with righteousness. Let God stand alone on High, and let us exalt him. Let this earth shake with the exaltation of my God. Stir up righteousness, and beseech this God who is worthy to be praised. Pour your blessings on my God. Let not your hands get weary. Keep anointing my God, that the heavens will overflow with joy. This God is a deserving God, of all things wonderful, of all things marvelous, and majestic. I will not go weary, nor faint to praise my God. Let this be embedded in your  hearts. That no matter what, you will glorify this God.

Let us praise our God with boldness. Him who giveth you the Spirit of boldness, shall you not honor? I SAY TO ALL OF YOU, DO NOT WITHHOLD YOUR HONOR FROM GOD! Did my God withhold his honor from you? For this God on High who justified you also glorified you. He has taken you to heavenly places and shew you things that others were not privy to see. This God has loved you, more than you deserve. I say, love my God. Awake, and glorify my God. Call out his name, and praise his holy name.

O LORD God, to whom behold glory upon glory, glory everlasting, let thy heart rejoice by the hands of our praises unto thee. We offer little. But O LORD God, consider it, even so my LORD. Yet we offer to God what we offer to no man. For we know that there is only one true God who liveth, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Lift up my God to the ends of the world. Let this world know that he is LORD and God above all, and all the glory is God. Be unto this God a vessel of holiness. Be obedient to the LORD. Let yourselves be a reflection of the perfection of God. Let the beauty of God be revealed in you. Let your light shine on the mountain top. Season this land with thy salt. And let it bring  forth good fruits. Let it bring forth fruits that are worthy unto the LORD. Let those who eat of it live, and not die. Do these things, and you will please God. Let our God be special. Compare no one to our God. I tell you, it is a sin to even consider it. Will you compare the clay to the potter? Will you compare the created to the Creator? Who can be God but God alone? Depart from ignorance. You will know when ignorance beseech you. It shall all be vain, corrupted, unfruitful in its attributes. For all that is godly shall behold the Spirit of God. All that is wise shall behold the Spirit of God. All that is fruitful shall behold the Spirit of God. All that is of God shall be beautiful, and the spoils of his bowels shall bring forth rivers of living water. I bring you the wisdom of God, as it was given to me, that you shall abide in the truth of the most High God. Let vanity depart from you, and beseech the fear of this God. In all the world there is none like my God. This truth shall live, from everlasting unto everlasting. And I shall rejoice in this truth. Behold, I bring you the glory of Zion today. Behold, I bring you the glory of the true and living God. Today I bring you the glory of THE I AM THAT I AM. As it was in the beginning, so shall it be. Almighty is his name. Today I bring you the hope of the God of Abraham, of Isaac, and of Jacob. Let Israel rejoice; for the LORD my God is LORD and God alone.

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