I cannot withhold my blessings for my God; for he has made my heart to rejoice exceedingly. He has stirred up gladness. And gladness will not stop dancing. The name of the righteous God shall be exalted, this day, and all the days in the land. That man shall know that my God is LORD and God above all. O how sweet it is to lift up righteousness to the heavens. O what a joy it is to love the LORD, and to know that this God loves you too. O how sweet it is to call out the name of my God. To whom I shall bestow glory, show thyself my LORD.

O LORD that dwells in glory, and has caused me to feast in thee, behold my King, the glories beyond all measure, from everlasting unto everlasting. O Father, O faithful Father, who have glorified yourself in truth — righteousness, dear God, flows from thee with light brighter that the sun. Thy presence is felt in your beloved. Your truth beseech them. And your grace and mercy are magnified in them. O LORD, to whom have bestowed rivers of living water, that rivers shall flow with thy glory, I lift up all that you have given me so gracefully unto thee. O LORD, let thy soul be comforted by thy servant. Let thy heart rejoice today. O Father, let the heavens rejoice by my God, O LORD. Let them feast in thy glory. For the hand of God is wonderful. O Spirit of the living God, so wonderful is the light of God. So wonderful is thy ways.

Let it be known in all the land that my God liveth. O Father, thy servant calleth thee. Let my blessings fall upon you O God. Let my hand bring forth terrible delights unto the LORD. My God, my God, thou art forever my God. This truth I cannot hide. For you O LORD God has put into my heart your mighty joy. You have written it with your own hand. How can I remove it? How can I deny this truth? Let thy word move mightily upon this land. And let glory come to you my God, by thy hand. O Father, render my love for you, O God, and consider it a beauty to thy soul. Let my blessings pour upon you with grace. Let righteousness be sweet unto thy feet. O wonderful God, who have done terrible things and caused thy servant to rejoice in thy goodness and mercy, let my exaltation to thee be exceedingly High. O LORD, who have blessed my soul to prosper, I rise up in thy salvation, O God, and restore glory upon you. O LORD, my pleasures towards thee are sweet. Who can measure the sweetness of my love for my God? Can honey even compare, O LORD? For righteousness sake, I will beseech thee O LORD. I will declare thy way, O LORD. It is well my God. It is well. You have done a good thing. You have done it with a righteous hand. Blessed be thy name in all the land. Forever and ever, blessed be my LORD.


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