And shewing mercy unto thousands of them that love me, and keep my commandments (Exodus 20:6).

This God is a merciful God. But who shall endear the mercy of God? Who shall say, O LORD my God, whom mercy endureth forever, let thy mercy beseech me today? Let it beseech me like the rain which watered the grass of the fields of the lillies. For today, I behold you my God. That you shall abode with me this day.

My soul is weary, and I have grown faint. Yet I called upon the name of the LORD. My God, my God, where art thou? Where art thou who have delivered me from bondage, and have raised me on the wings of eagles? Where art thou who have said the I am peculiar unto thee, O LORD God? Where is my deliverer today, O faithful One? Where is the God who have made Israel his special people in all the earth? I have mourned with sorrows, and my bowels have burst into spoils. I am useless unto myself. And my hope is dwindling. I have stretched forth my hands to the heavens, and called out your name. I have said, O LORD God, who have fought my battles and restored my hope. I have said, where is my confidant that I may rejoice?

My enemies have laughed at me. They have said, where is thy God? But I stood up; for I remember the ways of my LORD. I remember thy hand, thy wonderful hand, that has caused me to rejoice. I remember thy mercy and thy grace. I remember the day when I cried out to you. You were there before my tears dried up. You did not hesitate. You showed up, and you did not leave. Then I said, this is my God in whom I shall live. This is my God in whom I believe. This is my God in whom I put my trust. My confidence is in this God, all of it. For I know that my God will show me mercy; for his mercy endureth forever. The mercy of God shall endure in the hearts of those who love him. O LORD, to whom bringeth glory. Let thy glory, O LORD God, rise on the wings of eagles. And let it touch the heavens, O Father, and lift up my God.

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