BEFORE THE DAWN:by Mikey St. John

Upon my bed I thirst for thee. Thou, O LORD, knowest all truth. The lies are not hidden from you, O LORD. Thou search my heart and remove all guile and bitterness. Thou knowest my ways, and my steps are not far from thee. Before the dawn, thou awake me, that thy glory should be full. You, O LORD, have put your hand upon me. O Father, thy hand is wonderful, and thy grace is exceedingly joyful. Thy work is precious and dear to thy heart, and thy truth is all over it. O LORD, how marvelous are thy ways? Thy goodness and mercy blossom in righteousness. Thou have opened up thy gates for thy servant. How can I escape thy goodness and mercy? How can I escape thy grace and thy salvation? In my mother’s womb thou have held me. And you have made me to know these things. You have kept me when I knowest not which way to go. O Father, thy glory is too much for me to understand. You have steady my way and put me on the narrow path of victory. O Father, let thy glory be magnified. Let thy wisdom pour upon me, O LORD, that my eyes shall see, know, and understand thy truth.

My thoughts are unto you day and night. Each day you have shown me your lovingkindness. You have bring me into thy light, that I shall praise you. You have caused righteousness to swell up like waves. As the mountains are strong, thy hands are strong. And greater art thou than all that exist. You have not made me sink into the pit forever; for what good would I be unto the LORD? The desires of my heart, you know, are to praise you from everlasting to everlasting. Thy truth beseech me. It cleaveth to me like my skin cling to my bone. My thoughts are not wonderful if my God is not in them. You have shine your light upon me, and darkness flee from me. Who is like unto you, O LORD, that you desire these things of thy servant? You bringeth understanding to me on the wings of a dove, that I shall live. Peace you have poured upon me. And you have not hidden your righteousness from me. From the deepest depth thou have laid the foundation, that it shall not move. O LORD, my God, who is like unto thee? Thy glory is excellent, and thy thoughts are wonderful. You have shown me the things that are beneficial to me. You have stretched them out before me with such clarity. O LORD, my God, how wonderful are thy ways? You have laid your hand upon me and gave me strength that I shall praise you. I rejoice in the desires of your heart, thou knowest these things. You, O LORD, are faithful unto thy servant. I have seen your works, O mighty God. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? You bringeth thy pleasures on a golden platter. How can I not delight in thy glory? O Papa, you are so attentive to me in my hours of weakness. You bringeth forth thy goodness and mercy; for thou knowest the ways of thy hand. Let my LORD be praised. Let his righteousness blossom with everlasting glory. Let the joy of his heart be filled. Let thy praises be magnified with the sweetness of my heart. Let all rejoice and praise the LORD. And let righteousness beseech thee with a crown of glory. Forever and ever, let the LORD be praised.

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