I shall turn to the LORD for comfort. I shall turn to the LORD for truth. My confidence is in the LORD; for he shew me mercy and grace; and he bringeth [brings] forth salvation. Life everlasting he has poured upon me. And he has set my soul right with living water. I am not made to pant like a dog; for my thirst has been quenched. And the beauty of the LORD is upon me. The goodness and loveingkindness of the LORD have gripped my soul, and he has made me glad in the day and in the night. Peace he has put into my heart, and the needs of my soul have been met.

How long will man thirst without God? How long will they be weary upon this land? How long will they push the LORD to the side and consider themselves a wise people? For the ways of the LORD shall prosper. But the ways of man shall go down to the pit. Man cannot sustain the dust on this earth, far less sustain life. And yet man considers himself so precious and wonderful in his ways. O fool, have you no understanding that your ways shall perish? Have you no knowledge that you cannot sustain yourself? For all is vanity, and the dust awaits you. But the LORD God Almighty, sustains all. He sustains some for awhile because of wickedness. But he sustains the righteous forever (2 Corinthians 3:5); for in Christ there is death once and life eternal. Let the LORD be blessed for his mercy and his grace. Bless the LORD, my God; for he has poured out his salvation with righteousness. O Father God, let your praises be exalted now. Let them last for eternity. Let them be sweet unto thy [your] heart. Let thy [your] glory be magnified now, O LORD; thou art LORD and God above all. Thou [you] art [are] worthy, O Lamb of God. Thou art worthy to be praised. Open up the heavens, O God; and receive thy blessings. Let the clouds dance. Let the stars rejoice. Let the eagles flap their wings with thy grace. But let all praise the LORD, and rejoice. Let them rejoice. Let Israel rejoice. Let Zion rejoice. Let the saints dance to and fro; for thy glory, O God, is magnified. In this land, thy beauty shall prosper. I shall rejoice in the LORD; for he has made my heart glad. Let your praises bring pleasures to you, O LORD. Forever and ever, let the LORD be blessed. Amen

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