The LORD saved my soul that I shall make a sacrifice of thanksgiving, and declare his works with rejoicing (Psalm 107:22).

I will praise thee, O LORD, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations (Psalm 108:3).

The glory of the LORD was not done to be hidden. It shall be seen and known in all the land. The terrible ways of the LORD I have seen, and his glory I behold. The light and glory of the LORD shall not be hidden. His words shall be declared in the land. His strength shall come forth with wisdom, and righteousness shall dwell in his tent. The righteous in God shall have peace, and all others shall dwell in unrest. He that is without peace repent of your sins to the LORD. Seek him faithfully, in spirit and in truth, and he shall bring peace to your heart that surpasses all understanding. Though you walk in the valley of the shadow of death, you shall fear no evil; for the LORD is with you. He comforts you. The LORD that I love shall walk before the righteous, and protect them. He shall be terrible in his ways towards them. He shall shower them with his glory, and shine his light upon them. All shall see it, and know there is a mighty God. O the wonders of God, he is terrible in the things he does for his people. There is only one God who is terrible in his ways, the living God of Israel, the Holy One on High, the Creator and Master of all. He is my God, and he is terrible in his ways towards me.

The LORD is faithful in his ways. I have never seen a time when the LORD has not done what he said he will do. He said he will manifest himself to those who love him (John 14:21). I call on the LORD daily, and not once has he not heard me. If my heart is pure and my faith does not waver the LORD will hear me, and answer me. Though the heavens are high above, the LORD is not deaf. The heavens are high above, and the wisdom of the LORD is all around it. When we look to the end of the world, the wonders of the LORD are stretched out with his pleasures of glory. His mercy and grace are abundant upon the earth. And his truth is upon it. All that the LORD has done has stood the test of time. Can man say that of himself? Let vanity sway in the wind, and fall in the dust. But let the glory of my God be held up forever. Let the word of God prevail where man cannot. Let his truth stand up with strength, and stretch forth his righteousness. The goodness and mercy of the LORD endureth forever. The hope and strength of the LORD endureth forever. The faithfulness and righteousness of the LORD endureth forever. The works of the LORD are no joke. The LORD is terrible in his ways. He has stretched forth the heavens in righteousness. Look at what he has done on this earth. He has caused pestilence to come upon the wicked. And men who say there is no God now walk with fear upon their hearts. O the terrible way and the glory of God. From east to west and north to south, the glory of the LORD is abundant. He is terrible in his mercy. He rebuked the sea so that his people can flee from the enemy. But he forgave it and caused it to swallow up the avengers and the oppressors of his people. What can you say? Can you see how the LORD is terrible in his ways? If I shall call the heavens, the LORD will do terrible things. And I shall glorify him beyond measure. O the mercy of the LORD is abundant, and his grace he has poured out like many rivers. O mighty God, stretch forth thy hands, and rejoice. Who can erect the mountains on high, and command them to stand strong? Who can give strength to he that is weak, and bring he that is low to the heavens? Only the terrible hands of the LORD can do that. I have heard the LORD’S mighty raw. Thunder and lightening the world have seen. Out of his nostrils came a mighty wind, and who can stand up against it? Who can stand up against the judgement and the strength of the LORD? O how wonderful and terrible the ways of the LORD are. He brings peace to the hearts of those who love him and war to the hearts of those who despise him. Justice and judgment he has merged together. He will reward the righteous with peace and hope. His glory he shall pour upon them. But the wicked will be rewarded with snares and desolation, lest they repent of their sins and follow the LORD. The LORD is terrible in his ways. And I shall rejoice in them all.

For thou, LORD, has made me glad through thy work: I will triumph in the works of thy hands (Psalm 92:4).

Blessed be the LORD God on High, forever.

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  1. Candice Atwell says:

    Amen, our God is Great and Faithful indeed, Glory to the Most High God


  2. Rukiya Sylvester says:

    Thank you for your amazing work


    1. God bless you tremendously. Glory be to the most High God.


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