Blessed be the name of the LORD forever and ever; for wisdom and might are his (Daniel 2:20).

The power and the glory are his (Psalm 62:11). And the destiny of man lies in the hand of God. Faith and hope are under his wings. And who shall survive the atrocities of this earth is ordained by the LORD my God. Let the eagles fly to the heavens with wisdom. And let the wisdom of my God rest upon the hearts of those who seek him. Let his truth be unto the wise like a sweet melody unto their souls. And let the glory of the LORD prevail. For it shall prevail, even in the midst of the wicked. Let my God be blessed. Let him be magnified and exalted above all. Let the LORD reign supreme, and let his words be everlasting. In the name of Jesus, the Son of the living God — let Glory be Glory, and let the Holy Spirit, the Spirit of truth move upon this land of the living. For the time has come that men may know that there is a living God, a God that is still in control, a God to be feared.

My mouth shall speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart shall be of understanding (Psalm 49:3).

O praise the LORD, all ye nations: praise him, all ye people. For his merciful kindness is great towards us: and the truth of the LORD endureth forever. Praise ye the LORD (Psalm 117:1 – 2).

God establishes all things that he may be glorify. Hear me nations without understanding. That the great God Almight shall rejoice by your hands. Let the most High God have dominion over all flesh, in the heavens and on earth. I am calling on nations to repent of their sins and bless God; for he is LORD above all. Put your trust in him, that he may see us through in the times of trouble. I come before you to declare the mighty power of God. For power belongs to God, and only God (Psalm 62:11). That men who boast and glory in themselves do these things in vain, without knowledge and understanding, and the fear of the LORD. For you cannot sustain life, or know the ends of your days, nor can you tell me how many strands of hair are upon your own heads. What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death (Psalm 89:48)? Know your limitations as men; for only God is omnipotent in his ways. And only through Jesus Christ can man attain everlasting life.

The glory of the foolish is vanity. It is as the wind that blows the dust away. It is as old wine that cannot be poured into a new vessel. It shall avail to nothing. The days will get worst. The wickedness of men will bring curse upon this earth. Nations have forgotten God. They rage war against the Word and the children of God. And God will bring vengeance upon this earth. This is the beginning of sorrows. You have stirred up the anger of God.

In the mighty name of the most High God, I am calling on nations to worship God in Spirit and in truth, to repent of their deeds. That God Almighty will shew us mercy in the days that lie ahead. The horrors of sin are upon this earth. Death is upon this earth. Many live, and yet the do not live; for the light within them is extinguished. Leaders of darkness are leading children into damnation. They gloat and boast about their position of authority. But they use their authority to destroy instead of build up, and not to live by the laws of the righteous God. They talk about inclusion and love and prosperity. But love is not destructive. And prosperity is no use in hell. Some speak of isolation, religious supremacy, exclusion, and hate. Nations seek wisdom from other nations, and all have forgotten God. They boast about who is greater than who, but how great is these nations without God? And by whom were these powers given? God who has giveth these powers can also take them away. Who maketh war to cease, the rain to fall, and the sun to shine? Who giveth glory, and who taketh away (1 Samuel 13:11 – 14; Psalm 75:7; Daniel 2:21; 4:32)? Who have made kings to rise and kings to fall? Who have cause pestilence to come unto the wicked? Let the Pharoahs of the world take heed. The innocent blood of men upon this earth shall be recompense. The murders of babies, the desolation of the laws of the living God shall be repaid in full. Glory shall be glory. And vanity shall be vanity. All vain things shall come to an end. Let the words of God be true and every man a liar (Romans 3:4).

O Righteous and Omnipotent God, thou art the living God. Thou art the only God. Thou art the Supreme God. Who shall stand against the word of Almighty God? Let he that is mighty and high stand up. Stand up like a man. Stand up that you may know who is God and God alone. You kill those who do good, and you honour those who do bad. Your wisdom you say is so exceedingly good. And yet you do not understand that evil is not good. But as the words of God that are purified like silver seven times, so too is the judgement of God. For the just will be justified. And the wicked will have their reward in hell.

When pestilence and famine come upon you, then you shall know that I am God. Then you shall call in your wickedness, and I shall not hear you. I shall turn my back; for I shall not hear the voice of the wicked, lest they repent of their sins.

The glory of God has come upon this earth, and the sons of men have trampled on it. They say who need God, with all this fame and fortune? They say, the created is greater than the Creator. These evil things they speak from their hearts. All shall fall to the ground and not be rewarded with anything good. Men who cannot sustain life have made themselves gods. The living dead that walk upon this earth have made themselves gods. They have all glorified themselves, thinking themselves to be worthy, without God, unaware of the maladies that lie ahead. There is only one God who shall proclaim the liberty of men. There is only one King who shall reign supreme above all. There is only one LORD who is above all in the heavens and the earth. And all shall come to know of this, the prideful and the humble, the wicked and the righteous, the haters of God and the lovers of God. His name is Jesus, the Christ, the resurrection. The harvest is full, and the day of reaping is coming.

The glory of the LORD men shall see. And then they shall know who is above and who are below. They shall know who created the heavens and the earth. They shall know that by the spoken Word all things shall come to pass. For it is spoken in truth, covered in righteousness. Joy cometh in the morning for the believers of Christ and the lovers of God. But death cometh to those who reject Christ and stand against the living God. Repent! Repent, I tell you; for the terrible day of the LORD is coming. My God shall have his glory, and no one shall take it away.

Let the people praise thee, O God; let all the people praise thee. Then shall the earth yield her increase; and God, even our God, shall bless us. God shall bless us; and all the ends of the earth shall fear him (Psalm 67:5 – 7).

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  1. Candice Atwell says:

    Amen, i pray that our leaders tryly Repent, welll said brother Mikey.


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