How good is your knowledge if your faith waver like waves tossed by the wind (James 1:6; Ephesians 4:13 – 14)? How excellent are your deeds if they come to nothing? How wonderful are they if all is vanity? O gather up the vanities; for the treasures of vanity have come to nothing. Like unto like that which is good. And that which are filthy let their reward not be unjust. Pull out the treasures of wisdom. And let wisdom judge that which is good and that which is vain. O vanity, where is your sting? O vanity, where is your glory?

Who have deceived you from the ways of God? Call on them that they may testify to your vanity. Call on them that they may testify to the lies. Call on them that they may reward you justly. Call and do not be afraid. Call in your boldness and the pride you kept in your heart. Call and see if it will be worthy unto God. Call! Those who lay in filthy garments and honour them, call. Those who rejoice in wickedness, call and see the measure of your reward. Those who have forgotten God, call. Those who live like dogs, howling day and night, lurking to destroy, never satisfy, call. There is a reward coming your way. Those who call evil good and good evil, call. Do not be afraid; call. Call and ask that God will give you wisdom, knowledge, and understanding —that you shall discern what is evil and what is good. Call and see if heaven rejoice in your calling, lest you repent of your wickedness. Repent, and turn to God that you may live. Repent, and seek the Salvation of my LORD and Savior Jesus Christ. Repent, for the day of the LORD is at hand. Repent; for that day is coming soon. It is closer than you think. Repent, and serve the LORD. For that glorious day is coming soon.

O Father, let your mercy pour upon this land. Let your grace be magnified. Let the Holy Spirit move among men. Let their hearts be susceptible to your love, that they may live. I give you praise and honour, my God. Let the delight of my heart bring joy to you. In all things be glorify. For you created the heavens and earth and all therein. And you are God and LORD all by yourself. Amen.

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