I am come in my Father’s name, and ye received me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive (John 5:43).

The Lord, Jesus Christ, has spoken, and his words are true. He came in this world to save [the lives of mankind] our lives. And yet they boldly rejected him because men rather darkness than light [And the light shineth in darkness, and the darkness comprehend it not (John 1:5)]. The Son of God, our Lord and Savior, came in the flesh on this earth, testified in the name of the Father, our Father who art in heaven, who created us in his image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). And instead they choose to glorify men and not God. O nations of blind men, having eyes, and yet you cannot see. What will your destiny be?

These carnal minded men [the Adam man, the sinful, unrighteous man] were doing what felt right to them, because they were not God’s children (1 Corinthians 12:3) [the purity and holiness of God were not in them]. If they were they would have listened to Jesus, the Christ, who came to save the world.

God created all, but all do not know their creator [this truth will shame many on judgement day]. They were created by God, but they did not have the spirit of God, nor the light of God. They were spiritually discerned – unyoked [far from the image of God].

In the beginning we were given the spirit of eternal life, truth was in us. The love of God was in us. But sin created death, and the truth departed from us [darkness came upon men, and their light vanished]. That intimate love for God was obliterated. We became unspirutal [loveless souls, anguished in sorrows], opposing the nature of our God and Father. And thus, we were God’s enemies, dead in his eyes because of our sins. We rival God since that dreadful day, when Adam abided Eve’s lustful voice and sinned against God (Romans 5:12). He was no longer a spiritual being but a dead being of lies and deceptions and of the devil, full of shame and contempt. The spirit of God is not of shame or fear, but of truth, honor, and glory. Adam’s disobedient is the origin of man’s eternal destruction. When Adam sinned he became corrupted. His innocence was lost; his righteousness was devoured, and the truth departed from him. And thus, we become strangers of God, dead in the body, spirit, and soul, disqualified to be in the presence of his holiness, created by God, but not children of God [lacking the spirit of God]. That fatherhood was severed at that point. We were estranged from God, not being in his image. For how can we be in the same image of God if not of the same spirit? We were ungodly. But God loves us so dearly and thus had mercy on us. He renewed our soul, and spirit (Titus 3:5 – 7) [our body is still under the curse – to be renewed at the Rapture, the coming of the Son of God in his glory, when we will have a body like Christ’s resurrected body, not of blood but of flesh and bones]. Oh the glory of God, who can measure it or begin to comprehend it? (Philippians 3: 20 – 21; 1 John 3:1 – 2).

On the Cross on Calvary by the shedding of the blood of Christ, we were given birth to new beings, once more establishing us in his image and likeness, becoming our Father through the blood of Christ, unifying the bond between man and God, and thus glorifying us and our Father who created us all [thus putting an end to eternal destruction if we believe in the Son of God and the resurrection of Christ]. Only then we can be certain of having a renewed Spirit, soul, and body [the body will be redeemed when Christ comes again (Romans 8:23)] making us complete [whole] for a life of eternity.

How can they then say to God that they don’t need him? How can they say, he was not their Savior? How can they say, we are your enemies? That is exactly what we say when we disobey God. There is a great degree of hostility we show God, which is very disturbing. And how could they say that he is not the Son of God, their Lord and Savior? Only, because they were illegitimate children of God, not of the vine [created by God but not his children]. You see my friends, they were created by God, but he was not in them, nor they in he. Their spirit was dead [no light only darkness]. Jesus said [….] Follow me; and let the dead bury their dead (Matthew 8:22) because they did not believe him. His words may seem harsh but oftentimes the truth is. And that being the case, they could not be his children [because God is light], nor his inheritance [of God’s heavenly kingdom]. God was not their master [or else they would have listened to him]. Their master was the devil, [the wicked destroyer, the deceiver, the accurser of mankind]:whom they listened to. How sad God must be to know that they have chosen [death] his rival, the devil, [the evil one], instead of him. We may say, that was not the case. But that is exactly the case when we reject Christ. If we are not lovers of Christ, then we are lovers of the devil [there is no gray area, impartiality or neutrality does not exist], this world, the flesh, darkness, corruption, and death. For that very same reason, liars don’t have a godly spirit, but a dead spirit, void of the glory of God [destined for hell]. God is not a liar. If we are liars, how can we be in the image of God? We cannot, if we are not born of God. And there is no righteousness in us. This is the bondage sin has on us. But via Christ, we have a redeemable path, a forgiving path, a clear path to the image of God. Praise God for Christ, the propitiation of our sins [our defender].

Christ is the Son of God, begotten of the Father. And if we abide in the spirit of God, we are sons and daughters of God [not begotten], but adopted in the same bloodline as our father Abraham. So you see this is not taken lightly by God when his beloved children depart from him.

Unless we accept Jesus Christ we cannot be children of God [we cannot be children of light]. We cannot be sons and daughters of the promise God made to Abraham. For in order to be children of God we must be of the same spirit, only then we can be of the same image of God. Unless you are in the image of God you will not get to heaven. And that is the truth. What a loving God to renew our spirit so we may be inheritance of his glorious kingdom. Glorify my God. For the love of God, who can compare? Yes raise your hands and glorify my God and my blessed Lord, Christ, the Son of God. But my God is unbias, just, and so hell is awaiting the children of Satan. Make no mistake about that. (Luke 16) gives us a remarkable description of hell. All will be held accountable. No wicked deeds go unpunished.

Father of righteousness and holiness, you have shown us mercy. You have given us a new spirit. For your anointed Son has redeemed our dead spirit, giving us life. Now we are being made whole in your glory, to be fit to enter your kingdom. I thank thee immensely my Father; for thou art a God of lovingkindness. Thou art a compassionate and forgiving God. We lift you up, dear Father, with the glory of Christ bestowed upon the Cross of Salvation. For the love you have shown us is beyond our comprehension. Let the heavens rejoice in your name. Let the world rejoice in your name. Let Zion rejoice in the name of Christ our Lord. For he has freed our souls from death, renewed our soul, removed the shame, given us a godly spirit, not only of our creator but also our Father, and instilled truth and honor. Now we live in the glory of God [in his image, fit, and deemed worthy for his kingdom]. You are my God, my Father, and my LORD, forever and ever as you ordained.