Take heed to the word of God, lest you be dead in the Spirit. For in it you shall find life, and life eternal. What I say to you is by the divine nature of my God. I will bless the LORD and the people of Jerusalem. And Zion shall rejoice in the goodness and mercy of the LORD. Let the glory of the LORD be upon the land of Israel. And let prosperity pour upon Israel without end. Let Jerusalem stand up by the mighty hand of God, and let it reign forever. Let the kingdom of my God be on high, in the land of Salvation, in the land where liberty is flowing bountifully, in the land where peace shall embrace joy, and they shall dance unto the LORD.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee (Psalm 122:6).

The LORD shall bless thee out of Zion: and thou shall see the good of Jerusalem all the day of thy life (Psalm 128:5).

O Jerusalem, city of the righteous God, peace be within thee. O Jerusalem, city of love and everlasting joy, may the grace of God rest upon thee. May the glory of God blossom with everlasting delights. O Jerusalem, sweet is thy path, righteous and holy are your God and my God; for the majestic God stands by your side. The faithful God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob shall deliver as promised. Though they may come upon you with vengeance, you will win the battle; because God shall not be defeated. Jerusalem shall not be defeated.

Beautiful are the gates of Jerusalem, the works of our precious God. Sweet are the souls of those who will walk through those gates. Blessed are the souls that long for the city of Jerusalem. Rich is the city of Jerusalem, with the glory of the LORD, and the righteous King that will rule all nations. Rejoice in the LORD if Zion calls your name. Rejoice I tell you in the LORD if Jerusalem calls your name. Beautiful, beautiful Jerusalem, your King is coming again with power and glory. Great is your heavenly God, and my God. Forever and ever he shall reign supreme. Everlasting kingdom of mighty wonders, O Zion of righteous God, the beauty of the earth rest upon you. The beauty of heaven is your beauty. O Jerusalem, you light up the world with the LORD my God. O Jerusalem, blessed children of Abraham, prosperity is coming your way. Your glory is abundant and everlasting. All the children of God shall dwell in beautiful Zion. All who love my God shall see the beauty of the LORD in Zion. Truth is he that praise the LORD with his whole heart and soul. Wise are those who bless the LORD. Blessed is he that lift up the LORD in the heavens. Many rivers flow with the beauty of Jerusalem. That which is in Jerusalem is bless with the goodness of the LORD. Glory is the Lord thy God of Jerusalem. Who can deny Jerusalem its glory? Absolutely no one. Who can deny Jerusalem the love of God? Absolutely no one. Who can tell me that my God is not the God of glory? Absolutely no one. Who can deny Jerusalem its true inheritance? Who can deny Jerusalem the covenant of God? Who can deny Jerusalem the children of Abraham? Who can tell me that my God does not hear my call? Absolutely no one. For the God of Israel is my God. Jerusalem hear my call. Your God of everlasting glory is on your side. I am on your side Jerusalem.

Beautiful and blessed are those who weep and pray and give to Jerusalem. Blessed are those who rejoice in the prosperity of Jerusalem. O Jerusalem, let the glory of God rest upon you. Forever and ever you shall be blessed. For the LORD my God has ordained it to be so. Let all praise the LORD my God. Let Jerusalem praise their God and my God. Let the children of Zion praise our God. Forever and ever we shall bless the LORD. (Mikey St. John)