Stand fast therefore in the liberty wherewith Christ hath made us free, and be not entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Galatians 5:1

Freedom, freedom, freedom, everybody wants it. But what are you doing to secure your freedom? Most people have an obscure concept of what freedom really is, and what’s actually necessary for it to transpire. And their hazy way of thinking will not liberate them. Which gives rise to the following questions. Are you really free if your soul is held in captivity? Are we really free if we are enslaved in this world of corruption and madness? Take a moment and think about that. How smart can we be if we try to secure our body while we ignore our spirit and soul. Until we seek God, secure all the aspects mentioned above, we will not truly be free. Blessed are those who seek God’s freedom and despised perpetual shame, and condemnation; they shall see the kingdom of God. It is not good enough to be passive listeners of the law. We must be active, willing participants of the precepts of our righteous God, who have put to shame the nullification of the law by the ungodly.

There is only freedom when we seek and accept the Lord Jesus Christ as our redeemer of sin, the abolisher of death, the giver of life, and eternal freedom. Remember, it is only when you stand in awe with the Lord you will be free. Man don’t have the authority to grant you true freedom — freedom in totality — everlasting freedom. They may like to think so. And many may convey that message. But foolish are those who walk in the flesh, who despised the Lord, who seek the glory of themselves, and of men. But wise are those who trust in the Lord, who have given their whole heart and soul to the Lord; truly they shall be free.

And I will walk in the liberty of the Lord; for I seek his commandments. Psalms 119:45

Freedom comes only from my God. It is Almighty God who can free nations in captivity. It is Almighty God who can loosen the strong hold Satan has on men. It is Almighty God who can remove the burden of death from upon men. Man can hold the body hostage. They can take your mind if you let them. But they can’t free your souls from bondage and condemnation. It is Almighty God who can quicken the Spirit and make live again the children of God.

God is the Master. It is He who can do all things. It is He who can loosen the shackles that have a heavy hold on you. It is He who can free your body, spirit, and soul. It is He who can give you freedom. No one can held captive the word of God or those who live by his word. Surely, if you are servants of the Lord you shall be free.

Though your minds may wander loosely, though your bodies may move like the wind, until your souls are free and your spirit quicken from the claws of the devil you will never be free. And freedom as you so put it will only be a fiction of your imagination. So I ask the question again, are you really free if your spirit and soul are held in captivity?

Are you inheritance of the kingdom of God? Did you made that investment? Are your names written in the book of life in heaven? Seek the Lord; seek His glory; seek His kingdom; and seek his ultimate freedom. When you do these things, then you can be glad in the Lord, and rejoice; for you are now truly free. I say these things in meekness, as a child of God, which you also are if you believe in the resurrection and accepted Christ through faith. For if death should come upon you in the morning, you will live to see the glory of God.

May the Lord be upon you. May you not fall asleep on the Lord only to be risen in horror and condemnation. May you seek the freedom of Almighty God, so you may truly be free on judgement day. May God abide with you all. May His grace finds you, always. Blessed be the name of the Lord; for His mercies endure forever.

O merciful Father, free the hearts, and minds of those who struggle in darkness. Shine your light upon them dear God, so they may rejoice in your freedom. O heavenly Father, pour your blessings on them like the anointed rain from above, so they may glorify you in their freedom. Let them drink from the river of your pleasures; for truly with you there is freedom. May our blessed Lord be continually praise; for he has poured out his abundant mercies upon us. O give thanks to the Lord of heaven; for his mercy endureth forever.