Beautiful is the God I love. Heavenly Father, Father of love, and joy, the heavens rain with your love. Many rivers overflow with your anointing, dear God. You have laid your hands upon me with your glory. What did I do to deserve such an honor? You showed me your mercies, graced my heart with joy, more precious than diamond, and gold. You have bestowed upon me your light that shines for your glory. O Mighty God, Father of divine love, the passion of your Holy Spirit is glowing with your glory.

Blessed are those who trust in the Lord; for he shall make them whole. Blessed are those who seek the Lord; his mercies shall be upon them. Blessed are those who walk with the Lord; for he also will walk with them. And he will never leave them. For the glory of God is at hand. Lift up your hands and rejoice in my God; for my God is a God of many wonders, a precious God of joy, and love. This is the word of my God. This is the God that I serve, a God who comes upon me with his joyful delights, with the Holy Spirit that comes alive like a roaring thunder. This is my God.

Father Almighty, living God, touch the hearts of those who long for your love, those who linger with mixed minds, those who toss in the wind when the breeze blow. Touch their hearts and souls my God; for many wander without a cause. Lead them to you God, so they may see the glory of the living God. Let the glory of God be upon them, so they will rejoice in your name. Father, I thank you for your glory. I thank you dear God, for the peace, for the humility, for the joy, and for loving me. May you abide with us as we walk among the defile ones. May the heavens rejoice dear God, as we rejoice in your Holy name. Amen.