Make something wonderful! Is your flower blossoming like the looming sunlight, sitting on the verge of glory? Is it getting enough sunshine, the right sunlight? Is the water flowing from the spring of life and not from any old source? Is it rich with the essence of love and glory? Does it have a touch of heavenly delight? Do you feel the hands of God touching your soul, with serenity, peace, and utter love? Are the rivers of tears flowing like the lake that never runs dry? Do you feel the mercy of God upon you? Do you feel it? Do you really feel it? His love, his glory, his wonderful, awesome delights, do you feel his love?

Let the Holy Spirit fill your soul. Let it rise like the eagles, high, high, high, touching the heavens, as you rejoice in the Holy, blessed name of our Lord. For my God is with me, glorifying me, as I glorify him. So wonderful he is, nourishing my flower so it will blossom like the booming sunlight.

May the grace of God forever be with you all. Hallelujah, give praises, and glorify your God. Let him rejoice in you and glorify you. Praises be to Almighty God, who sits on his heavenly throne. May the heavens rejoice for all eternity.