There’s joy in the Lord. His delights are many; and I rejoice in the Lord. So awesome is the God we love. My God brings me comfort, soothes my soul; and he bestowed peace upon my heart. Even when the shadow of darkness came to destroy me, I stood still; and he fought my battles. And I tell you this, when God is on your side, your enemies don’t stand a chance.

I praise my God, and I rejoice in his Holy name at all times. In the midst of my enemies I lifted up my hands to God, and he answered me. Glory is his name. Hallelujah, I rejoice in the Lord. For the Lord rejoices in me. I feel the heavens shake with the sweet sounds of the Lord. For the sweetness of my joyful tears fall to the dust like the stardust that falls to the ground.

Father of wonderful delights and infinite wisdom, I give thanks and praises to your Holy name. Dear God of mercy, glory be to you. Let the heavens rejoice, dear God; for I praise your Holy name. You have touched my heart and soul, and you have made me whole again. So I rejoice in the Lord my God; because my God rejoices in me. Heavenly Father, you know my joy; many tears I shed for your glory. My delight is your delight, and my love for you dear God are many. What would I be without you? You’ve shown me your glory, and the many favors I received are because of you. Even in my dreams you assured me of your glorious kingdom. And I rejoiced in your name. What a mighty and loving God you are. Who can deny you your glory? No one. For the God I love and serve is a glorious God. Let the heavens rejoice in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Let my God reign for all eternity.