My eyes are full of light, beaming with excitement, and I’m hoping that your hearts will be full of joy. I bring you good news so you may be healthy and wise.

Today I will reveal the key to living young and vibrant forever. I have discovered the key to longevity where the basis is within reach. And contrary to what most people think, it is not that difficult. Let me take you on that journey where rapid aging never has to take effect. If we allow modesty to stay in the background, if only for awhile, we can free that which are required, thus “reversing the burden of time,” as some may say. However, my appreciation for life is too exuberant for what it harnasses to consider it anything less than superbly and deliciously gratifying.

For with thee is the fountain of life (Psalms 36:9). When we accept the Lord as our personal Savior, our bodies, minds, and souls go through a renewal, a transformation, a rebirth like nothing else. So obeying the Lord, his commandments, living by his rules is the first thing we must do if we seek to live a youthful, rewarding, and refreshing life, understanding that provisions are laid out by him for that sole purpose. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of body, soul [mind, will, emotion, personality], and spirit connection in our quest for prolonged vigor. If our hearts does not betray us with desolation of sorrows, then our minds will be filled with youthful joy of the Lord. We must meditate day and night on the word of God, surrender completely; and let him have Sovereignity, as we continue to incorporate the other factors necessary to establish a platform for youthful dominance.

As we engage in learning, we will learn that curiosity does not only kill the cat, but it also arouses our minds, allowing them to grow in ways that keep us amazed with the wonders of our great creator, as we continue to stimulate our minds with the richness that this universe provides. A functional mind that is not consumed in its madness is productive in a cognitive sense, a physical sense, and a spiritual sense. And this is another sure way, if not a worthy, glorifying way to retard the aging process we dread so badly.

The fact that I am now mentioning diet and nutrition does not in any way devalue their importance. What we consume on a daily basis do matter because of the finite disposition of our cells which need constant nourishment and should not be regarded as foreign, or less important. We are well aware of the benefits of protein, carbohydrate, essential fats, vitamins, and minerals and their anti-aging effects we acquire from eating nutritious foods, condensed with what’s needed to feed our bodies, minds, and souls. But we are also informed about the benefits of calorie restrictions and its part in the aging process. In my health & wellness protocol, I go into more in-depth ways to accomplish this. And this area of study is not only intriguing, but vastly fascinating, and immensely rewarding for the enthuse.

Looking at me stern-faced will not help your case, one bit. Instead, you should at least be smiling. Because the benefits we get from smiling and laughing are tremendous. They trigger some of those feel good hormones that can turn rainy days into sunny ones, beaming with renewed excitement, purpose, and vigor, while selfishly keeping us young. So what do we have to loose from lack of laughter? Our lives. If that sounds a bit extreme, then you are paying attention, and that’s a good thing. And if that seems like a dream you would seek to encompass, then hats off to you, you, and you too. On the contrary, sadness does not in any way add to the longevity formula we desperately crave, but rather it subtracts from the youthfulness we endeavor our entire lives. But the possibilities are endless, for hopeful, smiling, laughing, youthful seekers. Remember, a cheerful heart will continue to feast in the glory. And it is not unreasonable but attainable and true that we will live young, happy lives with God at the helm, as we embrace living content; our lives will radiate with glorious glows from the sunny smiles and laughter we share with each other.

Socializing plays a very important part in our happiness. And I am not referring to social media — the method of choice in the 21st century. The benefits are more rewarding meeting, communicating with people on a face to face basis. And cherishing these times with people we like and who actually like us are very important and necessary for our well-being and our survival. Why waste time with your enemies — there is no benefit there? I am not saying don’t love your enemies. But you can love them and pray for them from afar. Why go against the grain and shoot yourself in the foot when we have other beneficial factors to consider?

And what do we have to loose by looking good and feeling great? Absolutely nothing, but we have everything to gain. When we feel great, the feel good hormones are doing their best to water that youthful essence we love. So we might as well pay attention to our appearance. The key thing is to be presentable. Don’t get carried away with the vanities of the world. Focus your attention on being fruitful.

We always want to be fruitful at all times, knowing that this is a sure way for us to stay young, and it is necessary that we remain productive and contribute positively in our communities. Extend yourselves to others in need, not foolishly, but with the enrich wisdom of God. Be of good use to yourselves and to others. This is a delight of the Lord.

Embracing mobility plays a major part in increasing youthfulness and longevity. It shows enhancement in stress reduction, lowering blood pressure, weight management, diabetes, high cholesterol, memory, and cardiovascular health, just to mention a few. Elongation of muscles, keeping joints functional, and building bone density can also be accomplished from moderate exercise. So where applicable, embracing mobility can effect positive change in our aging process by attenuating some of the negative and detrimental effects of aging.

Last but not least, a good night rest is extremely important in maintaining our youthfulness. This is when our bodies and minds heal themselves, getting us prepared to face what lies ahead, if it is God’s will. So it is important to avoid all stimulants about 6 to 10 hours before bedtime as well as external factors like blue light, other forms of lighting, and distractions. Water consumption should be done many hours before as not to interrupt sleep by getting up to urinate. These and other underlying factors must be addressed which impede our quality of sleep. They create stress on the body, mind, and soul and must also be dealt with, if need be. Just as well, we should pay attention to the sleep cycle to ensure great quality sleep. In my line of work, these and many more factors are taken in consideration, to ensure a proper night rest, where rapid eye movement (R.E.M) is achieved.

When we incorporate the above mentioned in our lives we have begin the process necessary to achieve youthful vigor, where we can stay young forever, or until such time when that will not matter anymore, should God call us home. May the grace of God allows you the youthful joy that you long for. Let us be grateful to God in all that we do; for nothing is possible without him. But all things are possible through him. Seek him first, and all things will be given to you.

Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

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Nutrition Rich Green Drink

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Embracing Mobility

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Socializing With People Where Love Is Reciprocated

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Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

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The Digestive System

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