WHAT LIES AHEAD by Mikey St. John

As I sat quietly, like I love to do, the Lord came upon me and revealed his message.

I write about the joys and bring good news. But who am I to not write about the sadness? It is not my sadness to give. I am an obedient servant of God and will give his message, whether that be one of joy, or one of sorrows.

Wrapped around the joys that lingers in the wind, sadness looms in the distance, not so far away. For what I feel, the heaviness brings tears to my eyes. For the joys of many will be replaced with sadness that refuses to go away. The wickedness that consumes the lives of many will be overshadowed by the darkness that lies ahead. For the glory of the Lord thy [your] God you refused to give will haunt you like the evil ghost you carried on your backs without regret for many years. Now your actions are met with consequences you rather not have, but it will be too late for hearts that were harden with corruption and minds that were stubborn with pride. The allure of the devil will not be enough to save you. For it will be too late, now that you realized that the deceptions of the devil vanished with your joys, leaving your vanities in the dusty wind. And although you will give up all your vanities for a taste of joy, that will not matter. For the moments have come and passed, and now the moments are no more. Now the joys are for the ones who lived to glorify God. For their tears will be no more, and their joys will linger for eternity. This is the way of the Lord my God. This is the way it will be in the days to come.

The Lord opened my eyes in the early morning, while many were fast asleep, and my mind was filled with the word of the Lord.

Many of you will enter into the gates of damnation. Madness will consume you. This will be the way of life for many, a way of life in hell. But some will rejoice in the Lord. For “Hallelujah” they say. ” Glory to God.” Their days will be many, and their joys will be sweeter than honey. This is the way of the Lord. Those who walk with the Lord, he also will walk with you. But those who reject him will live to see the wrath of his hands. This is the way of the Lord. Those who suffer for the Lord, he will remember their names. But those who rejoice for the devil, their eyes shall never see the end of sadness. This is the way of the Lord.

Heavenly Father I give thanks for the glory you have bestowed upon me. I thank you dear Lord for the joy you have given me in the midst of my enemies, who live to do evil and wickedness, the ones who would rather serve the devil than Almighty God. I will glorify your name every chance I get. For you, my God, are forever worthy of that glory. Glory be to God who has given his Son on the cross of Salvation, so we may have eternal life. Glory be to God who put in the minds of men his truth. For his words will be spoken. Glory be to men who heed to the words of God; for their days will be long in the land which the Lord has given. Glory be to men who trust in the Lord and walk by faith; they shall see the kingdom of heaven. Glory be to men who lift up their hands to the heavens and rejoice in the Lord; for his blessings shall be upon them. And their children will also be blessed in the land.

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