The health of our DNA plays a major role in longevity. There is a correlation between DNA damage and how long we live. Our DNA is constantly being attack on a daily basis from many different sources, including oxidative stress, radiation, environmental pollution, and dietary carcinogens.

The proactive approach we take to reduce and prevent DNA damage can influence our health & well-being. The realistic thing for us to do is protect ourselves with compounds that can secure our DNA from damage before it becomes cancerous.


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Scientist have discovered a flavonoid compound derived from hops called xanthohumol, that has been shown in clinical, human studies to reduce DNA damage in cells. In a placebo-controlled clinical trial, randomly taken, 22 healthy individuals drank 12 mg of xanthohumol or a placebo for 14 days. The study showed that those who took the xanthohumol beverage had a remarkable reduction in DNA damage compared to the placebo group. The effect reached a reduction of 33% in DNA damage by the end of the 14 day study.


These additional compounds chlorophyllin & watercress extract have be recognized for their capacity to reduce DNA damage. Chlorophyll in is a water soluble derivative of chlorophyll, a pigment that makes plants green, and is involved in the energy within plant cells. One study showed that taking chlorophyll led to 55% reduction in urinary levels of a marker of aflatoxin-induced DNA damage.


Watercress is a cruciferous vegetable, recognized for its anticancer activities. Supplementation with watercress significantly reduced DNA damage by up to 24%. This benefit was seen in both restful and stressful situations.

DNA damage plays various roles in our health & well-being. While it is known for in cancer development, it is not bias by any means and its implications can be felt in our aging process. But we are not defenceless. Compounds like Xanthohumol, chlorophyllin, and watercress extract can pack a powerful punch, protecting our DNA from damage, and its consequences.

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