Love is a godly thing. It is also a beautiful thing which supersedes all things in Christ. And seeking it is worthy of praise. Nothing in this world could be more important than loving my God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and our fellow men. (Matthew 22:37 – 40; 1 Corinthians 13:8). Christ paid the ultimate price on the Cross with his life. His demonstration of love for us all is beyond our comprehension. And all was “done not for price nor reward”(Isaiah 45:13). And despite what we think, our love cannot compare to that of the Almighty God. Until we understand the magnitude of the awesome love and goodness of God, experience the virtue of his righteousness, acknowledge the mighty Creator, our heavenly Father who cannot fail in his quest to bestow his love upon us with glory, we will not appreciate the ultimate display of his love.

Some confuse love and lust. Love is peaceful, patient, caring, sharing, unselfish… and fulfilling. Lust on the other hand is void of these godly, wonderful qualities mentioned above. And should we examine it closely, we will see that it is vain [self – centered, egotistical, proud, haughty, arrogant, unkind …] in the fabric of its core. It is a worldly, fading, destructive quality that hampers the infrastructure of humanity. It is so removed from God, and he hides his face from it. Because nothing good can become of the foundation built on lust which is laden with sin and the deceptions of the devil. It is vile and corrupt and rots the soul into eternal damnation. Man in his wisdom often justifies his wickedness for departing from the way of God. But the quest for love and lust will not vanish until Zion sings and dances in glory.

Some search the world for love. Kingdoms are destroyed [fallen in the dust] because of it. Some seek silver and gold and all the treasures this world could give. Vanities they endeavor to fill the void, that thirst for love, a void that remains; for all that this world can offer will never fill that emptiness. Only God could fill that void. When we allow him full control [total surrender] of our lives he ensures the fulfillment of joy and the love of others we earnestly seek.

Having said that, what will you do for love? How much are you willing to pay for it [love]? As you take a moment, or two, to wrap your heads around that, be mindful that a cautious approach is preferred. Hopefully your assessment is not only justifiable, but it has made you think about how we regard, and value love. God loves us without question. No condition needs to be verified, but man’s love oftentimes is conditional which can disappear with the blink of an eye.

True love is priceless, and despite what some may think all the money in the world would not be enough to pay for it. We did not have to think about paying for God’s love. From creation we have been loved by him, which he continues to do, and not once did he requested money. However, he paid the dear price with his Son’s life so we may live our lives pleasing in his sight. And what is required is that we love each other, freely, and abundantly. Because the most expensive thing we can do to humanity is deny ourselves love.

When we think about it, if we would just consider that we would be better people. A simple thing as love can heal this world, and yet most have allowed the devil to take hold of their lives, harden their hearts, as they agonize souls and hearts that long for tender loving care, recklessly and painfully bruising them with bitterness of resentment, making life a living hell for themselves and others.

But we can start with ourselves. And as we do, let us be reminded that love means having tolerance. It holds no anger and carries no pain. It is forgiveness intense in its fabric. It is commitment prone at its core. It is kind and patient (1Corinthians 13:14 KJV). It does not envy nor hold any grudges. It does not keep score. It has no fear. It is not anxious nor irritable. It brings joy to our hearts and souls. It is not abusive, bitter, and cold. It is warm like sunshine, and it glows with the glory of God. It is the beauty of the God we serve that dwells in our hearts. And although we will be tested sometimes, have bumpy rides, if we stay committed we’ll do just fine.

Love is neither blind nor foolish. And more than likely people will push us to the limit, even over the hill sometimes. But we should not push love so far away that it cannot be reach, realizing that love is a choice for us to make. And denying ourselves love is denying ourselves the Lord.


Anyone who does not love does not know God, but God is love (1John 4:8).

We cannot live without the love of God in our hearts and feel fulfil. It is just not possible. Love brings fulfilment, peace, joy, happiness, and the glory of God. For it is only with much love in our hearts can we glorify God, who is the Father of love, and gives to all freely.

Living without love is empty. And everyone needs it, even if he or she may say differently. So let’s find ways to love, and give it freely without expecting anything in return. And let our God do what he does best, and take that love and turn it into a beatific, fantastic, avelanche of sunshine that will nourish us with a contagious vibrancy of effervescent light.

Without love there is no eternity; because our Lord is the epitome of love. The kingdom of God is the kingdom of love. It is because of the unselfish love of God, that he gave to the world the life of his only begotten Son Christ Jesus on the Cross on Calvary, so that we may have eternal life if we believe Christ and the resurrection. Only love can quench all darkness and redeem our souls for eternity. If we void our hearts the love of God, then darkness replaces it, and our destiny is eternal death.

Let it be that the love of God resides in your hearts. Let it be that you find joy in God Almighty. Let it be that heaven has written your name in love. For it is with much love that the LORD has chosen you worthy to be in his kingdom. And with much love I will praise my God and my LORD. Forever and ever let my love abide with my Father, who have loved me before the beginning of time.

Let us praise our God of love, who gives so much to this world. Let us glorify our God by living in his word, his truth, his love. For God Almighty loves us all. Glory be to my God, for ever and ever. Amen (Mikey St. John)

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