I can hear the ambient sounds of the raindrops, tip, tap, tip, tap, splashing, hitting the window pane, thoughtfully, and peacefully. I can feel its music too, some rhythms, a little blues, synchronizing my soul, putting me in that mellow mood, and it feels so damn good. Can you feel it, too? So sweet, so sexy, so soft, and caring and I’m loving every bit.

Tell me something new, like only you can do. Tell me anything, if it feels alright. Tell me what love is all about. Tickle my soul with your avelanche of tender love. Make me overjoy and smile as you look at me with your sweet, soft, silky, wet lips, so delicious, so true, so real, so damn beautiful too. Keep soothing my soul with your undeniable loving, so warm, and affectionate, as angels celebrate your love, your passion, your heart as it beats with excitement, over, and over, again.

Rain on me; rain on me, as much as you please. It’s nobody business; it’s just me and you. Make me notice your sweet vibrations, pouring down like countless faucets from the swollen, busted belly of the showering sky, high, high, high, above the mountain top, hovering the shadow of the rainbow, where realms of troposphere call home, far above the surface of the earth, beneath the friendly neighbors of the atmosphere, united in the name of blessed, needed love, with endless happiness that makes this universe universal, for me, you, and others too.


Mikey St. John



Initial Nutrition Consulting Fee – $80

My initial consulting fee include discussion (where HIPAA is adhere to), protocol & 2 follow up phone calls. Fees are based on 60 minutes discussion(i.e. 1Item=60 minutes (1hour) discussion=$80



Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) – $60

Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) is $60 for a 60 minutes session(1hour). This includes a protocol & two follow up phone calls.




Donate Here! Thanks! Leave a small tip of $5, or more, by adjusting the number in the box. With $10 donation you get 5 minutes to ask me anything about diet & nutrition, including anti-aging nutrition used to reverse the aging process.

Enter 1 to donate $5; Enter 2 to donate $10; etc.



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