Jiggled With Balloons Of Air

I curled up like a ball, twisting and turning as I became tight like a roll of twine rapped into quiet submission. And there I was in a peculiar disposition. And like a compressed spring, I waited patiently. The quietness was so loud, extended far beyond my hearing range, before entering my mind again into a noisy jubilation. And although the expectation was obvious, the timing of the predictability shocked me like an exposed, lived electric cord. It elongated my legs, ruffled my trousers as I hurried to embrace the changes.

Smiling from ear to ear, still shocked, surprised, trying with all my might, fighting to hold back the laughter that only lasted seconds. Yet, it felt like eternity, before bursting out like a hurricane, so loud that even I couldn’t believe; until, I could not hear anyone else but me.

It took me on a new turn, and I suddenly stopped, only to encourage the others as they laughed to their hearts’ content and their bellies too, which jiggled with balloons of air, fulled, swelled into a painful discomfort, causing them to fall to the ground, grabbing their bellies, looking for some comfort.


Mikey St. John




Initial Nutrition Consulting Fee – $80

My initial consulting fee include discussion (where HIPAA is adhere to), protocol & 2 follow up phone calls. Fees are based on 60 minutes discussion(i.e. 1Item=60 minutes (1hour) discussion=$80




Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) – $60

Ongoing Consultation Fee (Follow-up sessions) is $60 for a 60 minutes session(1hour). This includes a protocol & two follow up phone calls.




Donate Here! Thanks! Leave a small tip of $5, or more, by adjusting the number in the box. With $10 donation you get 5 minutes to ask me anything about diet & nutrition, including anti-aging nutrition used to reverse the aging process.

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