There’s strength in numbers, and that can’t be denied. No one is bigger than the cause. We have witnessed the demised of powerful men whom have abused their authority — disrespected, and assaulted women whom have entrusted them in various capabilities. Distasteful as it might be — there’s a cleansing of malicious, inappropriate behaviors, and the movement is winning.

Hopefully this will be the beginning of the end of horrific, domineering, despicable pursuits from those in a capacity of power, and trust, but also from anyone, as a matter of fact. We are surely but slowly giving back power to those who have been crushed, minimized, and have endured shame, degradation, guilt, suffering in silence, and at the very least discomfort.

We must exuberate empathy for those in pain, with tolerable ears, kind hearts… But we must reserve judgement for the villains; they must come to term with what they have done and seek mercy… We are not without sin, and we must remember that in our eagerness to ridicule and bestow disgrace.

Mikey St. John

Nutrition Consultant

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