O LORD, thy eyes behold the works of thy hand. The people have turned crooked. They that rule do it in vain. There is no justice in the land. Freedom is throttled under their feet. And who, O LORD, can rejoice under the works of unrighteousness? Who will look upon their faces of destruction and delight in them? Surely the LORD is with hope. Upon mount Zion is our Rock. Let righteousness not hide itself in the evil days. And take not away the hope of the land. O LORD, hear me, thy servant, and attend to the cause of the poor and needy. Violence is everywhere. Destruction awaits the people. O LORD my God, hear thy servant from the high hill. And from thy dwelling place let thy mercy be exceedingly great. Consider the righteous, they that desire thee, and look for thee before the dawn. Rise up in thy strength, O God. And in thy strength bring down the high looks. They that exalt themselves in wickedness cast them down to the pit. Into deep pits shall they find their glory. But let your people rejoice. Let them lift up thy name, O God, most High. For thou art our glory. And our hope is in thee, Almighty God.

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