O Holy One in Zion, to thy name be praised. And to thy name be exceedingly great glory. The hope of Israel is the Rock. Our God is upon the high hill. We will look to him, our glory. And we will pour out our hearts of praise. Even our salvation shall come through as light. O the LORD my God, how excellent is our God? By his hand we have hope. Let us put our trust in him. He rewards us from his good pleasure. And from his tender heart he shew us his lovingkindness. O the goodness of God, I do not understand it. Let us sing the praise of our God. Yea, let us lift up his glory on High. By his hands all things were created. We will bless the LORD; because his right hand forsake us not? We glory in his glory. And we hope in his hope. Blessed be our God upon the high hill!

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