Do not be distracted! Stay focused on the word of God and act on it. If you do nothing, then nothing will come your way. Faith is good. Righteous men have faith. But faith without work is dead. The wise take heed to the word of God. They will not sit by idle at the mercy of the wicked. Who sheweth mercy, is he not the Almighty God? Obedience is better than sacrifice. Be obedient in the wisdom of God. For God in his wisdom guided godly men, that they may save themselves and their families, even nations. Be not dismay. But be courageous and wise. Take heed, lest you fall by the hands of the vultures. They that desire to destroy you shall show you no mercy. And many are too busy with the things that profit them not. The distraction of social media will be the demise of many. While you sleep, wicked men are awake, preparing for your destruction. The days ahead will be dreadful. Don’t wait for the storm; for it will come, and it will ravish they that are not rooted in God and planted in wisdom.

Make haste my friends and prepare. Store up food, and have ways to prepare them. Have multiple ways to get clean water. Consider these: water filters, dehumidifiers, desalination equipments, and generators to run the dehumidifiers if there is no electricity. Plant your own food at home, in your apartment, or in your back yard if you are more privileged.

The wicked are preparing; should you not do the same? They that are ungodly are they now wiser than the children of righteousness? This is the time for children of God to come together and function in the wisdom of God. Remember faith without work is dead. Fasting is good but how long are you going to fast for? And how long can you sustain yourselves without water? If God did not tell you to sit in a corner and do nothing, then get up and make haste; for the wicked are coming with violence to devour those who abide not by their ways.

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