But with righteousness shall he judge the poor, and reprove with equity for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he slay the wicked (Isaiah 11:4)

The wicked flee not from their sins but they mount up agonies day and night. They run to and fro desiring whom they shall destroy. But by their own rod shall they be destroyed. The hand of evil, though it may rejoice for awhile will not prevail forever. Let the righteous look to the LORD and take heed that the balance is in his hand. Let them look to him who is just and who justifies. Let the poor not be despair. Let them not give up hope; for the LORD hide will not his face from their pain. The LORD will help them. When the wicked lift up themselves against the poor, the LORD will consider it. The LORD will bring them down. When they least expect it, then come their destruction. The righteous God shall rise up in terror. O LORD, let the works of your hand be upon this land. Give unto every man according to his desires. Let the wicked eat their own spoils. Let they that desire evil, let it be their cloak. Consume them with thy fire that say in their hearts, The LORD is not mighty and great, nor shall his terror bring us down. But thy hand is with power. The mighty God will not sleep in the land of darkness. When they forsake the hand of their maker, the LORD shall consider them.

They speak of hope but desires not the ways of the LORD. Every day is with vengeance. Anguish and hate will not flee from them. Who can profit from their hands? Everything they do is an abomination unto God. They call evil good and good evil. They gather up vanities. Only treasures of hopelessness they amass. Who can profit from their hands? Great nations toil in misery and none delight in the LORD. This whole earth has become a place of desolation. What good can become of it? The LORD will destroy it. It shall suffer by its own hand; for the people repent not from their sins and turn to God. They change his laws for evil and then say, God is love. Yea, this is true. He is a loving God that hates evil. Bring no evil before God and dishonor him not by your evil. I tell you the truth, this earth shall mourn in misery. The eyes of God has seen enough. The people delight in man, and not God. They follow after wickedness and they forsake righteousness. Behold, I bring you the works of the LORD my God. The grace of God shall be removed from this earth. For what good is his grace that the people forsake? They trample on his lovingkindness. And they worship not their maker but they run after idols and images, and the gods of the pits. They say, their gods are equal unto God. But woe be unto them who have taken the power and might of the LORD and cast it down into the pit. Woe be unto them who despise their maker but glorify the things he created instead. They speak of wisdom but they are all fools that run after them. They say, Let all do as they please. Let us be a corrupt nation, and glory in our corruption. The whole head is sick. Man lay down with man, and woman with woman. They dishonor God and then say, Let his name be praise. Who shall desire the hands of unrighteousness? Who will rejoice by it? Let the wicked turn from their wickedness. Let them despise the works of evil, the corrupt things, the abomination upon this land, and turn to God. Let them do these things then shall the lifting up of their hands glorify God. Honour the LORD with clean hands and pure hearts. Lift up his name in the highest. Be unto God a vessel of righteousness, then shall there be rejoicing before God.

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