LORD, because of thy excellencies I beseech thee. I beseech thee to lift up thy name that is great. I draw near to thee to honour thee, and to lift up my King of righteousness. O Father, I shall lift up your name in glory. Thy name is a treasure to my soul, more precious than silver and gold. All the riches of the world is like vanity before thee. What can compare to my God? There is no measure to thy glory! LORD, you deserve to be praised. And I take pleasure in it. The lifting up of your glory shall abound in all the heavens. Even the earth shall rise up in glory and praise thy name. Look upon my face, O LORD; for I speak thy truth before thy eyes. I hold back not thy glory but I give to my God his glory due. Yea, I exalt the LORD with haste; for I shall not withhold his praise. Thou art my glory and thy name shall be praised. Thou art God. Thou art whom I obliged and whom my soul delight. In all the earth let it be known that the LORD is esteemed above all. He is the everlasting God who lift up his hand to heaven and say, I live forever. Surely the hand of God shall be magnified.

LORD, I thank you; for your hand never fail me. Your excellent glory abound in truth. Thou art the God whom I look to. You saved me from the mouth of the lion. Surely thou will save me from them that rise up against me. My confidence is in you: I have seen thy character. I know it. It is full of hope and glory and life and truth. O Father, thou art light, and dwells in unapproachable light. Who is like unto this God? The LORD is merciful and his lovingkindness extends to the heavens. O how wonderful is his judgments that teach us life? I believe in the LORD my God because he shew me mercy from his great hand. His tender heart delights with favour towards me. From his lovingkindness my hope is not throttled under feet. My glory was not cast away into deep pits. O LORD, thou art my strength. I look to thee, my Saviour. I look upon my Rock: The LORD is with strength. Thy faithfulness I do not understand; for your thoughts are not like my thoughts. Because of thy goodness of thy heart thou will not leave me, nor forsake me. O Father, let my praise beseech thee now. Let it not wait but let it make haste and rush unto thee. O LORD, thou art righteous and holy. But my righteousness is as filthy rags. Thy name shall glory. When I look upon the Rock, I shall lift up thy honour and glory. Who is like thee, O LORD, my Saviour? Who is like my God? O Father, the heavens will hear my call. I call upon the LORD and he answer me. I say, my glory, my glory, praise be to thy name, O great One. Holy is the LORD my God and his dwelling place is full of righteousness. I will sing a song unto the LORD. Yea, when my joy overflow, I will lift up praises unto his name. I shall be glad to do it. By his hand, he did bring hope to my door. The goodness of God beseech me. Great glory came upon me. I look to thee and I say, my God will hear me. O Father, thou art so faithful unto me. O LORD, I humble myself before you and reverence your name. I made myself low like the valley. I give glory to my God; for he gave to me from his own and from his own I give to him. Let us praise the LORD. O children of righteousness hear me and lift up your hands to the heavens and praise the LORD. Draw near to God and he will draw near to you. I tell you the truth. In Zion our King shall glory. From everlasting unto everlasting the LORD is magnified in truth. Who is like unto this God? I will seek him day and night; for he has not failed me once. Even when I knew not his name he has kept me. Let his glory abound with beauty; for the LORD is my God. The God of righteousness and truth is my God. Praise be to his name forever and ever!

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