LORD, thy word is true. But many have read thy word and yet do not understand. They have established their own way for your way. And out of ignorance your people follow after follies. Their own thoughts deceived them. But thou giveth wisdom and understanding to those who seek thee. O Father, I have spoken truth to your people, but who, O LORD, take heed to thy word? Who am I, O God, but thy servant? They run after falsehood and in the way of corruption. And many flee to foreign places without understanding? Who can run from thee, O God? Who can evade the works of thy hand? LORD, your people wait on you, when you have already told them what shall come upon this land. Who will listen to thy word, O God, and take heed? Who believe that thou art God? Will not thy word come to pass? I have seen the works of thy hand; who can oppose it? Who can make it to no effect and say, The word of God is a lie? Surely they have not seen thy terrible hand and the works of righteousness. LORD, who shall survive in the days of famine and in the days of pestilence who shall call on thy name? Who shall say, We believe the report of thy servant? O LORD, their necks are stiff, a rebellious people, a shame before thee. Even to their own demise they will not take heed. They believe the works of thy enemies and yet they say, We know the works of God. They have turn to the ways of vanity and are unaware of it. They hope in the things that profit them not. And the things that profit them they demise. Everywhere is corruption. And who have harden their hearts to the truth? They speak of a rapture and they that called themselves wise are foolishness before thy eyes. Who bring this lie before them and teach them things that you have not spoken of? Learned men know not the works of thy hand. O Father, they babble among themselves. Educated men have turned into fools and corrupted the minds of thy people. They prepare not but wait for famine, as though it shall just go away. They believe not thy word and wait on the hands of the vultures that shall behold them, and oppress them, and turn their hearts away from thee. They wait on violence and know not the works of this evil. O LORD, open the eyes of your people that they may take heed. Give them wisdom and understanding, that they may understand the working and the power of your glory. O LORD, violence is before thy people and they wait like sheep to be slaughter. Hope have evaded their eyes and they know it not. Light is slowly being pushed to the side for the sake of darkness. This earth has become a curse, who shall take away her sorrows? If not for thy hand, even the elect shall be carried away with corruption. O LORD, for thy mercies sake save us from this evil that has come upon this land. Thou have not withhold thy hand. Surely thou would have made known thy ways to thy servants. O LORD, be our strong arm and our counselor, that we may know truth and follow after it. Thy hand never fails: let us put our trust in thy hand. I see hope in thy hand. But hopelessness is everywhere else. Who can evade the terror that is coming? I beg for mercy, O LORD. Let not your wrath come upon your beloved. Save us from thy terror and comfort us with thy truth. Thy word is true. LORD, who shall understand our report and follow it?

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