LORD, let my praise be a sweet savour unto thee. Let the lifting up of thy glory be like the rising of the sun. Like the dew drops in the morning dawn, let them shower thee with blessings. Let them lift up thy glory, O God. Thy name is a joy to my soul. All my being is with gladness to praise thy name. O LORD, thy right hand is with great beauty. Beautiful is the right hand of my God. Rich with hope and love and mercy, power and strength and majestic glory is the LORD. Let thy name be praised. To the ends of the earth, let them bring glory to thee. Let them rejoice with vigor and strength. Yea, let them jump for joy and praise thy blessed name. Thou art my God and I will praise thy name. Thy blessings upon me shall not be in vain. And thy anointing shall rise up in strength. Great power and glory shall be lifted up unto thy name. The King of Zion shall glory. Let glory come to thee. Let them come quickly. Let them mount up on the wings of eagles but let them come. Let them flood the heavens with joy and with thy praises. O LORD my God, thou art my joy in the morning. And when the night has come, thou know how I look for thee. Thou did draw near to me and my praises swell up with gladness. If thy name is with glory then shall it be well with me. Thy name is with glory. Great glory beseech my King. Let thy praises come, my God. Let them never cease. Let the excellencies of thy riches be magnified greatly. O LORD, be blessed forever and ever. My heart desires this greatly.

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