O Father, I give unto thee power and strength. Great glory is in thy hand. O my God, I will lift up praises unto thy name. My hope and my glory is the LORD. By his hand I sing songs of praises. I lift up my King, my God upon the high mountain. O hills of Zion, hills of glory, jump for joy; for the LORD is with thee. Hope is with thee. And in thy midst the everlasting God shall abide. I will give praises unto his Holy name. O LORD, my precious Saviour, in thy hand there is beauty. The riches of thy right hand, excel themselves with praises. The magnitude of thy glory far exceed my understanding. O LORD, let thy glory abound. In all the heights let thy name be praised. The lifting up of thy glory brings joy to my heart. My soul delights in the LORD. This day which the LORD has made I will magnify thy glory. Excellent praises shall beseech thee. Look for them, O LORD; for they will come quickly. Blessed is thy name forever and ever. Amen. Thy marvelous hand delights the heavens and the earth. The great wonders of the LORD is everywhere. Righteousness excel himself. Truth was spoken and it abide. From thy riches of thy rich hand the LORD giveth to all. And out of his lovingkindness we prosper. The exaltation of the LORD shall not cease. Continually his name shall be praised. I tell you the truth. Day unto day and night unto night, the glory of God will be praised. I have seen the ways of the LORD. He keepeth the righteous in his bosom. Under his wings they seek refuge. O praise the LORD for his goodness and mercy. Lift up the King of Zion. The King of glory will be exalted. I bring you the truth. Mighty men will bow to his name. And they that regarded not thy name will know that thou art God. And thy name alone is Almighty. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess to God. So let it be as it is written. As I live, saith the LORD, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God (Romans 14:11). To thy end that is rich with hope, I obliged. I obliged with confidence and lift up thy name in the highest. Thy beauty is with joy. My heart is fatten with gladness at the lifting up of thy glory. O LORD, thou knowest from whence I was born and the excellencies of thy praise from whence it cometh. Let thy name be excellent before me. Let the joy of thy heart be richly increased. O my God, thou knowest all my thoughts. Let my praises come to thee with a sweet savour. O my glory, to the ends of the earth I will praise thy name. O yea, it is established of old. Truly thou art God.

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