O Father, blessed Saviour, by thy hand we hope. We hope in the righteous God, that sheweth mercy and giveth grace. O Father, behold my God, rich with compassion. Let thy name glory, my God. Thou have refilled by heart with joy, and restored my confidence. From the heights of heaven thy loving hand look down. O Father, let my blessings approach you with humility, in thy beloved Son Christ Jesus. I lift up praises unto thy name. The hills bows to thee. Surely the mountains shall come tumbling down. Thou, O LORD, are with honour. O glory, O my glory, blessed be thy name. Father, you have loved me: surely my thoughts shall be excellent unto thee. I have not hide my love for you, nor can my heart permit it. O Father, my heart is flooded with thy tender love. How can I keep it hidden? Even in my weary days I still look upon thee with hope. You have given to us so graciously. I bow to thee with honour. O Father, my praises will come to thee in a rush; for I cannot withhold them anymore. Let thy name be blessed for ever and ever, and the lifting up of thy name.

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