And from the wicked their light is withholden, and the high arm shall be broken (Job 38:15).

They that say that there is no God, is not only denying their maker, but also themselves. God gives knowledge to those who ask and wisdom to all that call upon him in truth. And though some may not acknowledge his ways, they all know of his greatness. But it is evil for a man to do so and they that give not glory to God walk in darkness. The depths and heights of the wisdom of God, who can understand it? But only a fool will deny the riches and the glory of the right hand of God. The indwelling hope of righteousness is magnified greatly in the hand of God. Seek the LORD, O people. And let the lifting up of his mighty name beseech you. Honour him and he will honour you. All our ways are crooked, lest the hand of God straightened them out. We are but vanity without the LORD. Acknowledge these truth; for he that is wise will not deny it. Hope stood up on the hill. I look to thee, O LORD. Our days are with darkness, lest thou shineth thy light upon us. Withhold not thy great hand from us. And be glad to pour out your blessings upon us. For our knowledge are limited. But thou, O LORD, are infinite in knowledge, and who can measure thy wisdom, or search out thy understanding? Thou art Great and thy greatness is in the heavens and the earth. The depths of thy glory is without measure. And who can begin to understand the heights? Take away the pride from our hearts, and help us to humble ourselves before thee. Give us wisdom, that our fear for thee will be enlighten, and our thoughts shall not run after vanity, nor seek corruption. O LORD, thou art magnified forever and ever. And the depths of thy glory is without measure. No man can out live the works of thy hand. And thy great treasures that are hidden from the eyes of men is a testament of the vast wonders of the LORD. Let my blessings pour upon thee, this day. And let them abide with thee, forever and ever, that your heart shall rejoice. And the fullness of your joy shall be exceedingly great. O LORD, thou knowest what thou have put in my heart, and the excellencies of thy hand. From thy riches I give unto thee. For all that is in heaven and earth is the LORD’s. And from the goodness of thine heart thou did consider us greatly. Let thy name reign supreme before my eyes. Let my heart glory in the works of thy hand. And let us all come to the knowledge of truth and magnify the name of our great God. Blessed be the name of the LORD. Blessed art thou, O LORD, in whose hand all things abide.

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