O magnify the LORD with me. The riches of heaven have beseech me, and the glory of God is upon me. My heart swells up with praises and the glory of our LORD that is rich with hope is magnified without measure. The blessing of the LORD is a delight to my soul. O children of God, look to our Saviour; look to our God, and praise his blessed name. Let the joys of our hearts be not in vain. Let us cling to God; for there is eternal life in his hand. And he giveth so freely to those who believe in him. Honour God and he will honour you: I tell you the truth. Call on the LORD in truth and he will answer you. I too am a believer who call on the LORD daily, and he has not fail me. Blessed is the LORD. He is faithful and true.

Father of righteousness, who is like unto thee? I have searched, and seek thee, to draw near to thee, to lift up thy glory and honour. O my God, you have been so good to me, and I love you for it. Daily I look for you in thy dwelling place. Thou have not failed me, nor hid thyself from me, but thou comfort me in thy bosom. And shew me the works of thy righteous hand. O LORD, many profit from thy goodness and mercy. Thou laid down truth in my path. I am favored greatly by thy hand. O my LORD, I will bless thy name forever. And in the Spirit I shall magnify thy glory. Hope stood on the hill of Zion. I rejoice because of thy hand. Thou have enlarged my joy. My gladness blossom with praise unto thy Holy name. I speak thy praise to the ends of the earth. O LORD, open the eyes of thy people, that they may cleave to the most High God, in spirit and in truth. O LORD, give us understanding that we shall live. And enrich our lives with thy wisdom. Flood our hearts with thy knowledge. Let thy word be embedded in us and engrain in every fabric of our being. O my LORD, thou art God. Thou art the Holy One of Israel who are with power and strength. And the works of your hand shall not be cast away, nor will the words of thy mouth be throttled under feet. The glory of God will rise up like the eagles. And his words shall fulfill their purpose. Let the lifting up of his name be exalted. Without measure shall his praises be magnified. O LORD, let my blessings fall upon thee, and never leave thee. Thou art my God: this truth I declare to all the world. I am not ashamed of thee, nor will I refrain from praising thy Holy name. Thou knowest this truth. For it is written: Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen; I will be exalted in the earth (Psalm 46:10). Surely the works of thy hand shall profit me. The children of Zion shall have hope, even in the last days. O LORD, truly thou art God. Thou art the most High who have comforted me, and enlarged my soul with joy. Even thy truth thou have magnified greatly before me. Surely thy name shall glory. From everlasting unto everlasting, thou art God. Thy name alone is esteemed in the highest of the highest. And my joy is magnified because of it. Thou knowest this truth. For by thy hand I rise up with praises, and magnify thy name greatly. Thou art my righteousness and my God; thou art my everlasting glory. Blessed be the name of the most High.

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