LORD, thou art the delight of my soul. I rise up with joy in my heart. My soul is with gladness and my melodies shall sing sweet songs unto thy praise. Let my blessings pour upon thee. Let the joys of my heart beseech thee. I will praise thy name which is righteous and holy. Daily I shall lift up praises unto thee and exalt thy name without measure. O LORD, thou art my blessed hope that comfort my soul. Thou attend to me with such care. Like the lilies of the valley thou shall blossom with beauty. Like the rose of Sharon thou delight my soul. O my LORD, glory must abound before thee. Let them rise up on the wings of eagles and beseech thee. Thou art the LORD my God, surely it shall come to thee. I am confident because of thee. I have seen thy favour before me. Thou art true and faithful, even to the end. The joys of thy hand have beseech my soul. Surely I shall praise thy name. To the ends of the earth I shall lift up thy glory. The hope of the LORD is upon the hill and no one shall bring it down. Let all the earth glory in that. Let them glory in the blessed hope. The LORD is the blessed hope. Thy glory is in the heavens and the earth. Thy name will be magnified. For thou art the Great and Mighty God. There is none who can do what you do. There is none who is blessed and exalted like you. O my LORD, thy name shall glory. Heavens and earth shall know this truth. The hope of righteousness is the LORD. Let them seek thee, my blessed Saviour. Let them come to thee with repenting hearts. With contrite spirits shall they find mercy before thee. Let us lift up our Saviour, our mighty God. We will sing songs of rejoicing; for the salvation of the LORD is good. Life is in the hand of God. Let us eat and live. Let us taste and know that the LORD is good. Let us mount up praises unto the LORD; for his goodness and mercy are with us. Let us bless the name of the most High. Yea, let this be our joy, to rise up early and bless the name of the most High God. We will lift up praises unto him who comforts our souls forever. Let the redeemed of the LORD say so, whom he hath redeemed from the hand of the enemy. Let the redeemed of the LORD give praise. Let them jump for joy; for it is well to do so. Let them bless the hand who have kept them from the depths of hell. We will glory in the goodness and the mercy of God; for his mercy endureth forever. We will exalt the name that is glory. The LORD is glory. O yea, we will do these things; for we are the chosen ones: we are the elect. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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