For to be carnally minded is death; but to be spiritually minded is life and peace (Romans 8:6).

God is coming for his spiritually minded children. And those who live to please the world shall surely see death. Many anchor themselves unto this world: they say, We love God but will not flee from sin. The works of the flesh will condemn the sinner. God is Spirit and only in spirit and in truth we can please him. Do not be deceived: no one will be saved by the flesh. But those who are in Christ, in the spirit of redemption, free from the burdens and the corruption of this world shall enter the kingdom of heaven. Heaven is a spiritual place and not a fleshy place. Heaven is for the righteous and those who will not depart from their sins will not see the gates of heaven. But there is a place for sinners who delight in the flesh, who rejoice in it and then say, It is well to do so. They say, God will understand: we are humans; we are under the grace of God. But who will find grace in hell? Who will rebel against God and then say, Grace will save me? God send his Son to die for our sins, that the foolish might eat of his flesh and drink of his blood and be wise. Surely the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom. But you will not fear God, yet you say you are wise. You will not depart from sin, yet you say you are wise. You follow after every corrupt thing and then you call it wisdom. But I stand with the LORD and I tell you: to be wise is not to be evil. To be wise is not to delight in the flesh. To be wise is to live in the spirit. To be wise is to stand on the word of God, which is truth. In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word was God. If you will not stand on the Word, then what shall become of you? If you will not obey Christ, then why do you say, I will enter the kingdom of God? Is this an unholy place? Is this a lawless place of corruption and unrighteousness? Is this a place for sinners? I ask all of you to examine yourself today and if you live in the flesh depart from it, lest you shall see the wrath of God, and not the gates of righteousness. Many of you will not depart from sin. You cleave to it as though it is life. But Christ came that he may redeem us from this sin, that we may have eternal life. There is no life in unrighteousness and unholiness, but only death. Many who say, We have no sin will stand before God in shame. But those who come before God and repent of their sins and follow after righteousness shall see the mercy of God. Let not your pride get in the way, O evil man. God hates pride. And this same pride will lead many to the gates of hell. They believe they have no sin, yet all they do is to resist God. They believe that if they play some church music or sit in the church, that they are free from corruption. But did God send a building to save man? Did he say, if you listen to church music you shall be saved? Did he say, If your hearts are wicked and evil and unpure, you will be saved? Then why do you believe that if you follow after these things you will be saved? But I tell you the truth: you know not God; for if you do you will surely depart from these things. For it is written: The pure in heart shall see God. How can a man heart be pure if he will not depart from the things of this world? How can you say you love God if you do not the things of God? You embrace the works of the devil and then you say, It is well with God. You delight in evil and then you say, It is well with God. O Pharisees, who can save you? Who can save a sinner who hide his sin from God? For I tell you this truth: the glory of God is upon me: if you will not repent of your sins and depart from all unrighteousness, you will not enter the kingdom of God.

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