Hear, O Israel, the children of hope and righteousness, the word of the LORD. “Thou shall have no other gods before me” (Exodus 20:3).

LORD, by thy terrible hand thou did deliver us from bondage. And in thy mercy thou have kept us. We have not adhere to your words and defile your commandments. But in thy mercy forgive us, my God. Our hope of Zion is the LORD. By thy hand shall we prevail. O LORD, change our hearts from the rebellious hearts of stone into hearts of flesh, that we will remember the words of our God and honour thee. Our joy did mount up on the wings of eagles when thou did put gladness in our hearts. But what joy can we have when we rebel against our God? Forgive us, O God; our joy have sunken into the pit. All our laughter is after vain things. We look to corruption and call it hope. And we put our trust in others and not in our God. We have enlarged thy jealousy and grief thy heart. My God, turn our wicked hearts from destruction. Let us look to thee, our Rock of Zion, and our righteousness. By thy hand shall we prosper. Be our God, O LORD, and turn not thy back against us. But shew us thy face, that we may glory and lift up thy name in Zion. O Holy One, my blessed Saviour, thou art our righteousness and our God. Thou carry truth in thy right hand. Thy heart is full of goodness. Thy lovingkindness is magnified greatly. O LORD, I will lift up thy name, my God. For your goodness has exceeded my understanding. Thy name shall glory. You have kept me: surely I will keep praising thy name. Let us cling to thee and offer thanksgiving to our God. O LORD the God, who delivered us from bondage, thy name is excellent before us. Let thy glory excel without ceasing. Shew us the way, my God, and let us walk in the light. Let us lift up our King and our glory. Yea, let our hearts be glad with praises and out thoughts excellent towards our God. When we remember thy goodness and mercy, let us offer praises and thanksgiving unto thee. Thou art our blessed hope. This day, O LORD, I declare it. I declare thy name in glory. And I lift up my God with strength. O Father, my right hand is stretched forth to the heavens, to praise thy blessed name and lift up the glory of my great God. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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