Make no mistake about it: there is one God, the Holy God of Zion. He is the righteous God of truth. By his hand shall we prosper in all our ways. The love of our God is like no other. Our Holy Father will not allow us to follow the wrong path. I have seen the love of God, and bring you this truth. Depart from sin and follow after righteousness. Let no one deceive you into believing that anything goes. The LORD is God. He is a Holy God. And all that shall enter the kingdom of God must be holy. For it is written: You shall be holy: for I the LORD your God am holy (Leviticus 19:2). For all those who believe that sin is okay in the sight of God, I tell you: depart from foolishness and seek the LORD in truth. Be holy; for the LORD our God is holy. Let no man deceive you: heaven will not be a place of adultery, nor shall you find in it unholy people. I am the LORD’S and I bring you this message that you may flee from sin. Sin kills: it will damn your soul into eternal hell. I have seen the hand of God. He warns before vengeance is laid out in his wrath. Hell is a place of the wrath of God. There shall be no mercy in hell for sinners. Repent of your sins and walk after righteousness. Walk after the LORD my God, then shall it be well with your soul. Today I extend the hope of the living God before you, that you may partake of what is good and acceptable before God. Let his name alone, El Shaddai, my glory, be excellent. He is the perfection of glory. But let everyone else repent, repent, repent, and follow after our holy God.

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