O great God, thou art whom I delight. Thou art the great treasure of my soul. In thy hand joy shall mount up on the wings of eagles. Thy name is magnified forever. Even from the beginning thy name is magnified. Let the LORD be exalted in all the world. Let glory abound in the midst of the LORD and let them abound in a multitude of ways. The delights of the LORD are many. Great glory is in his right hand. O LORD my God, my righteousness, if thy name is praised then my heart shall rejoice. I thank you for this day Father, for the joy thou bring in the morning. Because of thy mercy we yet abide. Thank you for the air we breathe which we often take for granted. In thy goodness our ways shall be established. Who shall get the honour and the glory but thee, O LORD? Thou art the majesty. Thou art marvelous. In thy name shall the riches of thy beauty be excellent before us. Thy hand is a blessed hand. Let the whole earth bow and praise the LORD. Let them rejoice in that. Let them rejoice in the beauty of holiness, the LORD, my righteousness, my God. Let them sing songs, sweet songs of praises unto thy name. O great God of Israel, holy One in the land of peace and joy, the everlasting glory, my blessed hope, praises shall come in thy name. The heavens shall rejoice. Bow the heavens, O God, and magnify thyself on High. Thy name alone is excellent in glory. This truth can no man deny, lest he is without wisdom, and lacking understanding. Thou art everlasting God and no one can change that. The wicked know this truth, yet they rage war against the LORD. They enlarged their vanity that thou may bring them down in thy greatness [ see Romans 1:18 – 32]. Thou art the power and the glory. Thou art with power and strength. I will say of the LORD, the great God is God. Before him there was no other God. And there is none after him. He alone is God. Glory shall mount up on the wings of eagles and beseech thee, O God. And who shall stand in the way of thy praise? Let vanity be cast into deep pits. Into utter darkness shall the glory of the wicked abide. This truth shall not go away. The LORD shall glory. I will say of the LORD, the Lion of Judah is God. Let the heavens delight in the praising of his holy name. The whole earth, let them rage and give up thy glory. Give glory to God, to whom glory is due. Lift up his name: He is the righteous God, the everlasting glory. Let this be written in all the land, that: heaven and earth shall pass away but the truth, the words of God shall not pass away (see Matthew 24:35). Wise men will acknowledge this and bow with fear. Let the LORD glory: he is the God of righteousness and truth. All is vanity, even lower than vanity. But the LORD my God is excellent: he is the everlasting glory in all the heavens and the earth. Let no one forget it. Let them keep this in their hearts. Let this be a solemn reminder that the LORD is God and he will have his way.

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