LORD, help me to discern those that are for you and against you. Bring all that is hidden into the light, that your glory may abound greatly. Help me to walk after righteousness and truth. LORD, you have created me by your own hands, after your likeness: you are God to whom mercies I obliged. O Father, this is true of thy hand. Let my praises beseech thee with gladness and great joy. Let them magnify thy honour and glory. Let a sweet savour come before thee and touch your heart and soul with the joys of ten thousand stars. With rivers of living waters shall thy glory abound. O LORD, truly thou art God. Let the rivers make haste to where you sent them. Oceans magnify thy name with great depths: who can stand against their mighty waves? I have seen the works of thy hand, O LORD. Abounding beauty is in the hand of righteousness. O LORD, the glory in the heavens and the earth, thou art God. The mountains stand tall in thy strength. Look how obedient they are, who can move them? With great power and strength, the LORD has created many wonders. O LORD, thy hand is blessed forever. Thy works are perfection, spun from truth. They marvel the eyes. Thy mighty wonders are infinite in glory. My heart is with great joy. When I think of thy greatness, gladness seeps into my heart. Who can do the things you do? There is none. Thou art LORD and God, all by thyself! Thou art supreme God, with power and strength. All the glory is the LORD’s. O LORD, my heart is flooded with the pleasures of thy hand. Even from the beginning thou art God. Thou art highly esteemed above all. O LORD, my everlasting glory, thou art whom I beseech with praises. I will bring my joy to thee. I will stretch forth holy hands before thee. O LORD, I will honour thee and praise thy blessed name. Great exaltation shall befall thee. On the wings of eagles shall my praises come before thee. O LORD, if thy heart is full of joy and gladness, and thy name is magnified greatly, my joy shall not cease. If my God is elevated above all the heavens, my songs of melodies shall be sweeter than honey. For thy name’s sake shall my praises be excellent. O LORD my God, thou knowest this truth. Did not my God bring pleasures of joy before me? O LORD God, in the morning dawn and in the night season, thou draw near to me. The God of my salvation is with great glory. O LORD, thou knowest how my soul dance with the pleasures of thy hand. I will not withhold thy praises: the LORD is my God; surely his name shall be exalted in all the earth. Beauty shall abound with gladness. Bountiful praises shall come forth with joy. Billows of water shall jump for joy. Like mighty men with stretched forth hands, so shall the mountains give praises unto thee. They shall stand with strength and not move. They shall honour thee, the God of power and all glory. O LORD, thou art God. By thy hand all things were created. Thy name is with great glory. With great strength shall they stand and magnify thy name. In the heavens, thy glory shall abound with marvelous light: the glory of the LORD is greatly enlarged. O LORD my God, my soul is with great joy praising thy name. Let the joys of the heavens be magnified greatly. Let the LORD on High, the great God of Zion rejoice. Yea, let him rejoice; for he is the LORD my God. I will shout in all the earth. A great shout shall proceed out of my mouth and lift up the glory of the great King. O LORD my God, what joy has come before me. The doors of heaven are open. My blessed Saviour is with gladness. My soul is with peace. O LORD my God, take not your hand away from me. My days have turned from sackcloth to rejoicing. My sorrows have turned into joy. O LORD my God, let thy name be blessed in all the heavens and the earth. Let thy joy be eternally rich with excellencies. Forever and ever, we shall lift up our great King. Yea, in Zion we shall sing songs of joy and gladness. Blessed is thy hand, O LORD, the great and mighty God.

Father, O holy Father, let joy beseech thee with a sweet savour forever. Let gladness mount up on the wings of eagles. Let thy praises come forth with haste. O LORD my God, thou knowest all my thoughts towards thee: let them come to thee and bless thee. Let them fall upon thee, O LORD, my gracious and loving God. This I pray, O God. Grant me this for thy name’s sake. Amen.

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