O, great God in heaven, I offer thanksgiving to thy name and magnify thy glory. The hope of righteousness is the LORD. Surely the meek shall inherit the earth and the pure in heart shall see God. O great God of Zion, I beseech thee for thou art with strength. All the power and glory is the LORD’s. The light upon this earth shines from thee, O LORD; to thy name glory shall abound. LORD, this whole world rest on thy strength. If not for thee, all shall fall into the pit. Into deep pits shall our glory be fallen into. But thou, O LORD God, in thy mercy we have hope. The God of righteousness lives forever. I will lift up his name in Zion. To the ends of the earth shall I sing praises to the LORD. Great exaltation shall I bring before the LORD. If not for the LORD, we are but vanity to be cast in utter darkness. O LORD my God, in thy hand we trust. We commit ourselves in thy name. We exalt thy name, O LORD God, who is righteous and holy. Even in all thy greatness thou still consider us. O LORD, there are things I do not understand. Give me understanding that I shall live. Help me to know thy ways and follow after thee.

When I think of what you have done for us, I humble myself with thanksgiving. O LORD, the God of glory. Excellent rejoicing shall beseech thee. Thou art mindful of sinners. The hopeless find hope in thy hand. Truth abound in the midst of the wicked. Let us eat of thy truth. And transform us into thy glory. The hope of righteousness is in thy hand. Thou art the blessed hope, O LORD my God. In thy name shall we find joy. Peace comes from the LORD my God. Thou giveth rest to the weary. Search our hearts and root out the wickedness from it. Give us a heart of flesh, a heart that follow after thee. O LORD, thou art our only hope. No other can save us from this destitute but thee, O LORD. We lift up thy name for thou art worthy for this honour. Thou art worthy for this cause. O righteous God, save us from the violence. Save us from the ways of darkness and of death. Save us from the billows, O LORD, from the destruction, and the desolation. Thou art the LORD our God. Thou art our Creator. O Father, forsake us not in this hour. Have pity on us and help us to understand thy ways. We commit our souls in thy hand; for we know thy thou will keep us in safety. We lift up praises unto the most High God. We pour our treasures upon thee. We withhold not our hearts. They belong to you. O Father, in thy hand shall they abide forever and ever, in truth. Amen. Blessed be the name of the LORD.

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