O LORD, my days are full of gladness because thy blessed hand is upon me. LORD, my thoughts unto thee shall rise up with praises. Excellent thoughts beseech you. O LORD, my wonderful God, it is difficult to imagine my life without you, even a sin to forsake thee. My soul desire you. Let it be that my joy shall not end; for eternity shall I lift up your name. O LORD, I pray thee that all shall seek thy hand. O Father, search the hearts of the little children and comfort them. O LORD, thou knowest the horrors that shall come upon this earth. Father, I cry out for thy mercy. Find it in your heart to comfort them. Are they not innocent before thy eyes? Give them hope in the land of evil. Because thou art a God of great loving kindness, my thoughts are not in vain. My desires mount up on truth. Your mercy endureth forever. O LORD my God, my beauty on High, hear me this day and favour me greatly. And I shall lift up thy name in all the earth. Great exaltation befall thee. It is my joy to praise thee. O my Rock, my King of Zion, your days are everlasting unto everlasting and your glory shall abide in this truth. O great God, I beseech thee with joy. Great joy seep out of my veins for the LORD. Surely the whole earth shall praise the LORD. Even the heaven of heavens shall lift up praises unto his great and mighty name. Let no man consider himself mighty, nor let him say, I am terrible, lest he is the LORD, the great and terrible God. Honour God and exalt not thyself before him. Humble yourselves and lift up the LORD with praises. Sing songs of jubilation. Bring glory to the throne of God. His name is great and greatly to be praise. O LORD, I glorify thy name; for thou art worthy. Thou art excellent before my eyes, a great joy in the land of the living. Zion hope not in vain; for the rock of salvation is with her. Blessed be thy name, O LORD, from everlasting unto everlasting. Amen.

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