O great God, who is like unto thee? Thy name is extol greatly, in the heavens and earth. Thy glory is magnified without measure. Thou art God, O righteous One from Zion. Upon the hill thou find favours amount nations. Great nations seek thy face. Thy exaltation, O LORD God, is highly esteemed. O glory, come to the LORD. The great King of Zion is worthy to be praised. Lift up his name on the wings of eagles, high, above all that liveth or shall ever live. Let glory abound greatly in the presence of the LORD. O children of Zion, this is our God. Make known in all the land, that the righteous and holy God of Israel is our God. We will praise his name from the ends of the earth. We will honour the most High. We will remember the God of our forefathers. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob is our God. Yea, we are the children of Israel, the kings and priests of Zion. They speak of us in the book of righteousness and of truth. Yea, the Holy Scriptures speak of us. We are royal priesthood of the Holy One of Israel. The truth cannot be hidden from the children of the living God. Stand up and shout for joy, O children of the living God. That which was hidden is make known to the children of the great God. The God that favour us and called us his people, the God that said, I loved thee, even from the beginning, is our God. Let no man deceive you and take this glory from you, a glory bestowed by the hand of righteousness and of truth, the great hand of the most High. I say to all of Israel, let the LORD our God be praised in a mighty way. Let us sing songs of Zion, songs of redemption, songs of glory. O Israel, the land of my forefather shall prosper; for the LORD our God has blessed thee with his own mouth. He has laid down thy treasures and magnified thy name in all the earth. He has bestowed upon thee a glory unlike any other nation. I bring the truth to the people of my God, that they may know the truth which the LORD my God has made known to me. Let the name of our great God be blessed, forever and ever.Amen. The children of Israel shall not fade away in the dust. Let the whole world know the LORD that send thee out to the far corners of the earth shall bring thee back for he spoke this truth to our prophets that we may have hope in the land of strangers. Among evil men shall we have hope, knowing that the LORD is with us. The LORD that keeps Israel is our God. Blessed be the LORD, who sheweth great mercy and favour to his beloved people. Yea, let his name be praised continually.

Know this, that in the last days it shall be revealed unto men, that they shall know from whence they came and to whom they belong.

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