I will praise thee, O LORD, among the people: and I will sing praises unto thee among the nations. For thy mercy is great above the heavens: and thy truth reach unto the clouds. Be thou exalted, O God, above the heavens: and thy glory above all the earth (Psalm 108:3 – 5).

Blessed art thou, O LORD, forever and ever. Amen. Thy great name shall glory. With songs of praises shall I lift up thy name in all the earth. From east to west and from north to south, shall the lifting up thy glory be magnified. They shall speak of you, O LORD God, in unknown places. Yea, every mountain, every valley, every corner, every crevasse shall hear of thy name. The glory of my God shall blossom. Like the joys of many waters so shall thy praises be lifted up. Everywhere is the works of thy hand. Thy glory is upon this earth and in the heavens. By thy terrible hand in righteousness thou have done wonderful things. Even from the beginning all thy works are done in truth. They remain, even now. Thou art God; thou art the LORD of truth. Who is righteous but thee, O LORD? Who have done such beautiful works that they remain, even now? Who is worthy, O LORD, but thee? There is none but thee, O LORD: thou art my praise. Thou art my glory. The LORD shall glory. My songs of rejoicing shall swell up with greatness; for great is the LORD our God. His name shall be enhanced greatly and in his beauty of holiness shall he rejoice. My heart is full of gladness. The LORD is my glory. His excellent soul has cause me to sing songs of sweet melodies. Like birds that chirp in the wind, I lift up praises unto the LORD. With sweet savour, the LORD glory. My heart rejoices. O LORD, my heart rejoices. Thou have enriched my soul tremendously. My praises shall be excellent before thee. My love, O how I love you. Daily I look for you, my glory. My hope is held high, above the heavens. Thou art my hope. My gladness has risen like sunshine; O how they glory. They glory with praises unto the LORD. They magnify his name greatly. O LORD my God, my blessed Saviour, to thy name be eternal praises. May my blessings pour upon thee exceedingly well. Let them overflow. My darling, let them beautify thee, from the crown of the head to the sole of thy feet. Thou art the chosen one. Thou art glory that is magnified in truth. Thou art God and there is none whose name shall be exalted but thee. I shall sing songs of glory unto thee. I shall beautify the presence of thy throne with praises. Everywhere I shall magnify thy glory. They shall say, Wait, here he comes again, praising the LORD God Almighty. Yea, this shall be a perpetual thing in all the earth. The whole earth shall give up its glory. My beauty shall be beautify with praises. The glory of the LORD shall be magnified today. Because the LORD has been good to me, I shall bring forth treasures of rejoicing before him. Yea, I shall make sweet music and honour God. This shall be my glory, to praise the LORD my God. O Father, thou knowest my thoughts towards thee. How eagar I am in the morning to give up thy praises. Before the break of dawn, thou knowest my day begins with thy glory. Thy praises are from my bowels. Rivers of living water flow from them. The works of God is marvelous. Who is like unto thee, O LORD? From everlasting unto everlasting thou art God. My tongue speaks sweet things unto thy honour and glory. I honour thee in truth. Thy name is magnified in glory. O how I love you. I look for you daily. And my heart will not rejoice lest thou have make thyself known. Thou art my love, my first love. My darling, this is an everlasting covenant. Let this be glorious before thee. For by thy hand thou did established this in truth. Your truth has swell up to the heights of the heavens. Thy praises are magnified in this truth. O lift up the glory of the LORD my God. Make haste. You that sleepeth awake and give glory to the LORD. Why are thou so quiet? Did thou not received the joys of his salvation? From thy bowels, let the water of living God come forth with glory. Hold back not this rejoicing. For today I say unto thee, Out of thy bowels shall flow rivers of living water. Blessed be the LORD my God, my glory. Blessed be the source of my joy, forever and ever. Amen.


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