O how sweet are the melodies which the LORD has put into my heart ? Sweeter than honey. How wonderful are the souls of the saints who sing praises unto the LORD? Their hearts rejoice in his praises. They rejoice in all that is glory. The LORD is glory. They lift up his name and they bless him. O, the world is full of the blessings of God. In his righteousness he has ordained strength to babes and sucklings. They are made wise by his mighty hand. They stand in his strength and in his power and glory. They magnify his name without fear. The courage of those who delight in God shall be rewarded. The blessed hope of righteousness is our God. Truly the heavens shall rejoice today. The hand of God desires it. Let glory be exalted. O glory my darling, be glad in thy place of holiness. Stand up and declare things that are right, O LORD. Thy name is praised. The blessed hope of righteousness shall glory. The LORD is the blessed hope of righteousness. By his hands we rejoice. All our hope rise up with strength. This God is great. Do you not see the greatness of God? Look up! Look at the heavens and delight in the works of my God. Give glory to the LORD; it is he who have created the heavens. O earth, why be jealous: the glory of the LORD is upon thee? The LORD by wisdom hath founded thee. Praise the LORD who is wiser than all. Rejoice in his infinite wisdom. Say to all thy inhabitants, lift up the glory of the most High God. Let no one stand in the way of these praises. The LORD shall be glorify on this earth. Because he has created it he shall have the glory. The glory belongs to God. Why rage war, you brutish man? Why think that thou art great and mighty? Have you created the heavens and the earth? Did you breathe breath into man and giveth life? Truly I tell you that the wicked is vain. But the LORD is excellent in all his ways. Let glory abide with thee, O LORD. Let thy name forever remain. Thou art the wise One. Thou art the One who understand all things heaven and earth. Thy name shall forever be esteemed in glory. Thou art supreme God! The LORD shall reign forever.


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