Let every man who says he love God, love the truth, and live by the Creator of all things heaven and earth who have raised a Saviour like no other to free the world from bondage, to those who believe in the Son of God. Let truth be the only way that man can prevail. If the Spirit of God dwelleth in man, then let truth rise up like eagles and not fall. For many come to conceal the truth and to fight against God and his people. For it is written: Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God (Matthew 5:8). And if impurities and corruption are embedded in the heart, it shall be defiled, lacking purity, and deprived of the love of God and man.

How can you say you love God and yet desire to change what is God’s? The wicked always want what is good and if it was possible steal even the heritage of the most High God. But truth will follow God’s people and the wisdom as God intended surely shall bring understanding to the few, whom shall dwell together in righteousness and with the Father of it. O LORD, great and mighty God, who is true and knows all truths, blessed be thy name. Let thy people know to whom they serve and to whom they glory. That in the image which you have created them they may glory in their God unto thy image, knowing fully well the image of truth, and understanding thy image unto everlasting glory. Let Zion rejoice my God, Father of righteousness and truth. Who can deceive who God will not? Behold my God Almighty, who is greater than all that liveth. In thy power and strength thou shall reign forever. In thy wisdom and understanding thou have created the heavens and the earth. In truth thou have established them. In truth thou have created man. By thy word which is truth and thy Spirit shall my God be praised. Let glory abound in thy dwelling place. Let righteousness jump for joy. Let truth be held High and exalted. My God is truth. He is the true and living God. Let it be known in all the earth that truth cannot be hidden. It must come to light as God Almighty ordained it, in the appropriate time, to free man from bondage, and to lift up the glory of Zion and the most High God. To the everlasting truth, my God, who is forever gracious, I lift up my hand with adoration and with praises. Thou art wonderful before my eyes. Thou art beautiful and precious and delightful. Thou art my blessed hope upon Zion that shall not go away. Let thy glory abound and let joy seep into thy midst. Let it full thy bosom for all eternity. And let thy servant say boldly, thou art everlasting unto everlasting God. Amen.


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