Let the work appear unto thy servants, and their glory unto their children. And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it (Psalm 90:16 – 17).

LORD, establish my way and it shall be rooted in righteousness forever. If thou art the hand that hold me, then it shall be well with me. LORD, establish not only my way but the ways of the saints and our children, that we shall lift up your name and make known of your glory in the land of the living. Let it be done my God, that the riches of my God shall be exceedingly well. Thy name, O LORD God, is magnified in truth. All thy glory blosom in beauty. O how my heart is glad in thy exaltation. All my rejoicing is full of hope. Honour and glory shall cloak thee. Truth is in thy hand. You have withheld thy anger and sheweth mercy. Because of thy mercy, O LORD, I stand. O LORD, how many thanks shall I offer thee? Thou art my first love and I cannot deny it. Thou art my blessed hope. O Father, thou art my God. Your lovingkindness is exceedingly high. Your righteousness, who can measure it? Thou art the holy One of Israel. Thou art the only good God. Thou art the only wise God. Thou art my God. This day thy glory is magnified. Because thou have attended to the desires of my heart I shall not withhold thy blessings. I shall lay them before you and upon you. All your treasures shall indeed be excellent. They are more precious than gold. O Father, reach into my heart and soul; there shall you find the love of God. There shall you find the power and the glory of the most High God. My heart is full of thy goodness. Thy hand shall rejoice. If my God on High shall be pleased then shall I be glad. Let my thanksgiving come before you and delight thy heart. Thou art my God. I know thy ways; thou art not a stranger. I have seen thy works; O God, how I love them. I honour them; I praise them; I bless them. I lift up thy glory. O LORD, how excellent are they before me? Truly thou art a good God. How many have you heeled? How many have you freed from bondage? How many have you sheweth mercy, my God? Each day thou renew thy compassion. Thou have not hidden thy ears from the cries of the righteous. Thou art forever our God. Thy name shall be a name of praise and glory.

Thy blessed hope shall not go away. O LORD, because of you I live; I live to tell the glory of God and to lift up your righteousness in all the land. Thy name, O God, shall rise up on the wings of eagles and it shall not come down. Thou art the everlasting God. Thou art my God forever. Lift up the LORD my God. Bring forth his glory and hold nothing back. Rejoice in the name of the LORD. O how I love this God. He stood by me and shown me the way. My helper, my beautiful God, he is always attending to my cause. O Father, thou art the glory before me. Thou art the hope that will not go away. Thou art the light, shining forever. Thou art everlasting glory. Thou art my God who shall be lifted up on High forever. It is well to praise thy name and lift up thy glory above all glory. Thou art the greatest. Thou art magnified in truth. Thou art forever righteous and holy. Truly, thou art my God. Where you go there shall I go. Where you are there shall I be. I shall hold on thee, O LORD, and not let go. If you, O LORD, shall be pleased with the lifting up of my hand and thy exaltation, then let my glory dwell with you forever. O Father, thou art truly my God. Thy name shall forever be excellent before me. This shall be the honour and the glory of the LORD, forever shall his name be blessed; forever shall his name be exalted on High; forever shall he live; forever shall he be the only God who shall rule over all generations; forever shall his kingdom be established. Yea, forever shall we stand with our LORD and our God.

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