Let us lift us Zion and bestow an honour so great, that it shall be an everlasting testimony unto the glory of God. Let it be know in all the land that Zion shall rejoice. Preach it on the hills and in the valleys. Let the whole earth rejoice with this truth, that the LORD my God shall rejoice. I shall see it and I shall be glad. When Zion is lifted up with glory, I shall be glad. Blessed be the name of the LORD my God. Blessed be righteousness and truth, upon which the foundation of the earth were created.

It is well to praise the LORD. It is well to honour him and testify to his glory. Let every man who desire the goodness of God praise him. Let them adore him with exaltation. Let them lift up his glory on High. And let the heavens flow with gladness. Let all the joy come forth rejoicing in the name of the blessed One. Let my God rejoice. Let him not cease from his rejoicing. Then shall I say, the LORD is our God who would heed to our call. Lift up our King, our glory in Zion. Let truth be before you; let it stand up in your midst like a rock that cannot be moved, that the name of the LORD God Almighty is a blessed name. From everlasting unto everlasting, the name of the LORD is blessed. Remember this. Let every fabric of your being remember it, then shall you walk with jubilation in your heart for the LORD. And you shall not cease from praising him. It shall be food for your soul, a reward greater than all rewards, to love the LORD with all you heart and soul and bless his name with everlasting joy. Lift up my God, O children of the most High. Let glory abound in the heavens. The LORD is God. Let glory overflow. Everywhere is the glory of God. This truth shall rise up with strength. It shall stand up like a mighty man and a high tower. Like a mountain that cannot be moved and like the rock of Zion, it shall stand. For righteousness’ sake, it shall stand. It shall be an everlasting truth that shall not go away. The LORD shall be praised forever! This truth also shall not go away.

The power of the LORD is everlasting, full of glory, glory to behold forever and ever. Amen. Praise the LORD in his mighty power. Lift up glory; lift up my God, then shall it be well with you. I tell you the truth, if you praise the LORD he will remember you. He will honour you and the delights of the heavens he will not withhold from you. When you call he shall answer you. You shall not stand in shame if you honour God. The LORD is my God and his truth shall come to me like a bright light in the morning dawn. It shall come with the glory of God. And I shall lift up his name on High, and rejoice. When my God is please then shall I be glad. Glory shall abound. It shall abound in the presence of the LORD. Yea, this is good. Let us pray that glory abound in the presence of the LORD. For goodness’ sake, let us praise the LORD.


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