LORD, who is like unto thee, my God? The LORD dwelleth on high and humble himself to behold the things that are in the heaven, and in the earth. He raise up the poor out of the dust, and lift the needy out of the dunghill; that he may set him with princes, even with the princes of his people (Psalm 113:5 – 8).

O LORD my God – Thou art the everlasting glory and the lifter up of my hope. Thou art my Rock and my salvation. Thou art the joy of ten thousand rivers and the strength of a thousand mountains. Thou art the joy of my soul and every fabric of my being knows this truth. Thou art my God forever. I cannot run from thee; for thou art ready to seek me out and make straight my way. How many times I have called on you? And how many times you have come to my aid? Thou art my rescuer, from the depths of hell, and my glory. Thou art my redeemer, who sustains my life out of the goodness of thy heart. O LORD my God, who is like unto thee, O LORD? You washed away my sins and taken away the shame that covered me. You are my glory, my everlasting God. You are my first love, my darling. Goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life; for the LORD is my God. Thou art my God forever, the lifter up of my sunshine, and the morning dawn. Papa, without you where will I be, my God? Like the dust that blows from side to side, and darkness without hope, like vanity that goes down into the pit and dwells without peace, like the wicked without thy mercy and thy compassion, who call on thee in vain. O LORD my God, today I shall lift up holy hands; for the LORD my God is holy. Today I shall bless my God and praise his name with boldness. Today I shall say, glory, glory, glory; the LORD God is everlasting glory, my blessed hope upon the throne. With stretch out arm I shall lift up my God and exalt his name forever. Yea, I shall do this; for the glory of God is upon me. O magnify the LORD my God; for his name alone is glory. His name alone in Wonderful, Prince of peace, everlasting God. He is the light that come into the world that man may have hope and live. He is my God, the delights of many nations, my everlasting life, and joy. [Today healing will come to the sick. Everyone who comes before me shall receive the blessings of the LORD]. Today is a good day; for the hand of God is upon me.

Today I shall bless the LORD and praise his name with boldness. With jubilation I shall sing praises unto thee, O LORD. Truth shall seep out of my heart; even my veins shall flow with the blood of my God. With praises I shall declare thy truth. The LORD is my God forever. And his name shall be magnified in all the land. Every crevice, every mountain, every valley, shall know the LORD God Almighty. His name shall be excellent in all the land. And his glory shall be magnified, from everlasting unto everlasting. The hope of my God shall rejoice forevermore. And I shall be glad. The joys of my soul blossom with the lifting up of the LORD. I shall praise the LORD in Zion and the saints shall rejoice in the LORD. This shall be the pleasure of my soul to lift up the name of Almighty God. Blessed be my King whose throne is an everlasting throne and whose kingdom shall not fade away. Those who lift up the LORD with me shall rejoice; their souls shall be sweeter than honey. The joys of the LORD shall beseech them and the depths of his blessings shall come upon them. Take heed to praise the LORD; for he is God. And it is well to do so. He shall prosper that loves the LORD. Remember the name of the LORD. Even now, bless him and praise him, and exalt his name with gladness.

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