All the ways of the LORD are excellent before us….The judgments of the LORD are true and righteous altogether (Psalm 19:9).

LORD, who is like thee, who have borne righteousness, and by thy hand have laid down goodness and mercy before men? Who shall find peace, lest they seek thee? Who shall find rest, lest the LORD comforts him? O great God, holy One of Israel, my God, who have created the universe and caused the heavens to delight and the earth to glory, truly thy greatness is magnified in the hearts of men. Thy fear has treasured their souls with wisdom that as the day dawns so shall they seek thee. As the night clings to darkness, so shall they desire thee. Who is worthy as my God who shall comfort my soul, even from the anguish of unrighteous men? For thy hope and thy salvation draweth men closer to thee. In the day of pestilence when even the dust shall be afraid, in thy righteous judgment, my God shall bring forth his truth, that it may give hope and enrich the hearts of the weary. When men will dear to forget, we shall remember thy name, O LORD. How by thy hand thou saved the weak and the afflicted. By thy hand thou sheweth mercy, even repenting, that we shall find grace in thy presence. In thy name, O LORD, shall I lift up my hands to the heavens and rejoice. For there is none like my God. In the season of pestilence when men shall fear destruction, yet shall I say the glory of God is upon this land. Thy judgment is excellent before my eyes. There is honour and truth and justice. The LORD is God Almighty; all his ways are perfect. All his ways are excellent before me. For even in the midst of destruction, the LORD God Almighty shall be my God, my Saviour and your Saviour, my truth brearer, my deliverer. We shall deck ourselves with hope. We shall honour God and fear him with thanksgiving and praises of exaltation. Grace and truth we shall hang around our necks. We shall remember his words in the time of judgment. The hand of God shall not leave us. In the midst of pestilence we shall yet find hope to rejoice in the name of the LORD.

With perfect exaltation we shall praise thee and bless thee, in the highest of the highest. What then shall be our accuse? That they yet magnify the LORD their God. In all the land we shall cling to thee. For thy goodness sake and thy compassion we shall rejoice in the name of our God. Even then shall we say, how great is our God? All his ways are marvelous before us. We shall rejoice with gladness. In his wisdom, in his guidance, in his love, we shall rejoice in the LORD. We shall do all this. And yet shall we say, the LORD is blessed forever. Zion shall hear it and it too shall jump for joy. Because the LORD is our God, we shall not go weary nor faint. But we shall rise up like eagles, on the wings of grace, and we shall say: the LORD is our God. Worthy is our God who bringeth judgment on the earth.

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